Tuesday, March 1, 2011

¡Hablo Español!

It was amazing! I was standing at the counter organizing the new tags to put up today at work when a couple of sisters came in speaking in Spanish! I was SO excited, you have NO idea! So I went over and started talking to them. I was in heaven! My brain was able to flip from English to Spanish super easily! The words flowed and I was able to help them with what they needed. And then I was thinking in Spanglish for the rest of the day, because I just could NOT flip my brain back from Spanish to English. All the girls I work with were quite impressed at how easy it was for me to help them...and commented that they were super grateful that I was there. I actually wasn't scheduled to work today...I was just covering the shift for one of my co-workers. What a blessing it was that I was there! Heavenly Father has blessed me to be able to speak Spanish. And I will be eternally grateful for that!

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