Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time Flies So Fast

Dear Familia y Amigos,

Yet another week has flown by here at the MTC. Holy Cow time is going fast. On Sunday I'll be at my halfway point here.

Wed: We went to the temple, which was amazing as always. After we had our personal study time, we went and did laundry and wrote letters. We had a really good lesson in the TRC Wed. night, teaching the second lesson for the first time. Tonight we're teaching it again--then next week the first lesson in SPANISH! One of our teachers was out of town all last week so we had a sub and the one we had Wed. night taught us how to make a language study plan. Boy do I wish they'd taught us that 3 weeks ago. My study has been so much more effective this week. One of our Elders was leaving Thursday morning for the Dominican Republic, so we said goodbye to Elder Patrick. Elder Kinney was also supposed to go, but he'll find out today if he has to go home because of 2 dislocated shoulders. Yes, Basketball at the MTC is dangerous. That night I was trying to write in class and killed 2, yes 2 pens. And if anyone cares I've got a lovely callus on my finger from writing so much.

Thurs: Volleyball and 4-square during gym. That took me back to elementary school. We had a TEC appointment, and we got some good ideas on how to follow up on commitments. We had the RC that night, and I had some really good calls. I took one inbound call from a man who wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ and wants to find a church, so we're sending the video he requested with the missionaries and told him how to go about finding a church. I also had 2 outbound calls, one of which had the missionaries there when I called and another who has recently started going back to church after 12 1/2 years. Our zone got together again Thursday night and sang Secreta Oracion.

Fri: Basketball during gym. Mom, don't worry, the sisters aren't into it enough to get hurt. We went to the tutor for help with some of the conjugations and I think that really helped. I've really been studying them this week and I think I've got them down. We had one of our subs teach us how to do the weekly planning session, yet another thing I wish we'd learned 3 weeks ago. As it was pioneer day, there was lots of talk about pioneers. But it was slightly annoying that the post office was closed, so there were no dearelders until Monday because they're not printed off on Saturday.

Sat: I was so tired, and I don' t know why, but I had a really ineffective study. Hermana Waldrop y yo played frisbee golf with some of the elders in our zone during gym which was fun but I WAY lost.

Sun: I LOVE Sunday! Our speaker in RS was one of the wives of one of the branch presidents here. She spoke on how to apply the covenants we made at baptism (found in Moroni 8:8-10) to missionary work. It was a good talk. We always listen to Music and the Spoken word before RS. The choir sang Come Come Ye Saints, and as I was listening to it, I realized that that song can be applied to missionary work. I sat down that afternoon and filled 3 pages in my journal with missionary applications to Come Come Ye Saints. Then our fireside speaker, the director of the MTCs, did the EXACT same thing! We listened to the MoTab version of the song and he had us think about the missionary application. It was really neat! Hermana Waldrop y yo had a good conversation about the missionary application, then discussed D&C 121 that night. Oh and dad, guess what. I've made another connection with Brazil and when you were on your mission. My branch president, President Peters, was a counselor to President Steuer for the first year he was the mission president. I'm not sure what year that was, but maybe you knew him? Let me know.

Mon: We taught the 1st lesson in Spanish to some Elders in our Zone. It went pretty well, especially considering how little time we had to prepare. Later that day we taught the second lesson in English and it was a total flop. Oh well. One won't learn unless they fail and try again. We only talked Spanish in class and at dinner, so about 6 total hours that day. I actually tried to pray in English during our TEC appointment because the teacher we taught didn't know Spanish, and I really struggled. We found out that one of the Elders in our zone had to leave to go home yesterday because of some health problems, so we got together and sang God Be With You Til We Meet Again that night as a zone. As Elder Phelps gave the closing prayer, I was touched, and there wasn't a dry eye in the room. We were all sobbing. Finally I got some mail, after only receiving a wedding announcement in the past week. I got letters from Sisters Pedersen and Meyer (go figure since I asked for their addresses. Now I've got them twice). I also got one from Emily Mower, Grandma and Grandpa and a package and letters from my family :)

Tuesday: We had area conference where we discussed converting with the BOM. It was a way good conference. We played volleyball again during gym, so fun! Our devotional speaker was Robert K. Dellenbach, who gave an AMAZING talk on the miracle of the BOM. He gave some amazing statistics. Btw, did you know that last year there were more Spanish copies of the BOM printed than there were English? That's right, pretty cool, huh? I also had a couple of letters. Grandma, I loved the quote you put in your letter to your missionary grandchildren by Brad Foster. I guess that was a little special to me because he was my stake president up in Rexburg until October.

Well, that's my week in a nutshell. We went to the temple again this morning and I loved it as I always do. There is such a special Spirit that can't be felt anywhere else. Have a most amazing week everyone and keep your eyes on the e-mail for next week :) OH! Cousin Rachel: Congratulations on your baptism on Saturday! I'm so excited for you! I'll be thinking about you that day! You're heading down a wonderful path full of many exciting opportunities as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

Love, Hermana Good

Mom: It sounds like we're going to be able to participate in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Dedication next month, and I'm cheap so would you send me one of my white hankies so I don't have to buy one? I LOVED the picture of Christ Brother Spencer painted. I'm going to replace one of the pictures I brought to put that one in a frame so I can always look at it. I also loved the pictures from camp. You two--especially Kesha--look like you got some real good sun. Devin looked like a stud all ready for his stake dance. But where were the pictures of my puppy I asked for last week? :( Did you take any of him swimming? How big is he now? And he's already lost his first tooth?! Boy oh boy is he growing up! And to answer your question of how many are in our room, there's only 4 with no notice on the door again this week that we're getting any new sisters this week, so until at least next Wednesday there are only 4 sisters. I love you all and am having an amazing time here! I love you all!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lovin' the MTC

Wow. Can you believe I'm already 1/3 of the way done with my stay here at the MTC? The time is just flying by and before we all know it I'll be down in NM!

Wed: It was P-day. We cleaned our room. We had 2 roommates leave for their missions last week so I moved beds and closets so I wasn't right next to the door. I also got mail.

Thurs: I saw Sister Jenkins... and once again broke the no hugging rule. I also saw a sister who was in my mission prep class. Hermana Waldrop y yo had a teaching appointment and we got some good ideas for things to implement into our teaching. We had a new district come into our zone this week so the zone got together and sang "Secreta Oracion" (Secret Prayer for those of you who don't speak espanol) I also had a much better language study than I'd been having. We went to the RC that night and i had a few good phone calls. And I got some mail.

Fri: It was an insane day! Our district decided not to speak any English during dinner which was okay. Then Hermano Erickson got here for the evening and didn't let us speak any English during his class period either, so we went from about 4:30 to 8:30 or so with no English. He also wanted us to speak Spanish when we got back to our rooms that night. Hermana Waldrop y yo also taught part of the first lesson in Spanish--something that they normally don't have missionaries do until about their 5th week. Yeah, it's intense. I saw Sister Jenkins again after dinner and we shook hands. Also congrats to Kayla (cousin) on the engagement--sent me a letter with details!! And also congrats to Marc and Monique (uncle/aunt) on baby Allena! I was going to send you a congratulations card, and then realized that I don't have your new address. So if someone would get that to me, it would be fantastic!

Sat: Oh boy. We have learned ALL of the concepts we need to learn. The next 6 weeks are going to be spent reviewing. Yeah. EVERYTHING in 19 days. 18 since we can't really count the first day I was here because we didn't have class. No wonder my head has been spinning by the time I get home every night and collapse into my bed... or rather up the ladder and into bed since I'm on the top bunk. Dinner was the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten in my life. Nothing sounded good so I decided to go for the mandarin orange chicken. Yucky. But even worse was the egg roll they served with it. I have a problem wasting food so I always eat everything on my plate, even if it's not my favorite. But I couldn't bring myself to finish the chicken and rice. And the egg roll... lets just say that one bite went into my mouth and right back out into my napkin. yeah, it was that bad.

Sun: Our speaker in RS was Ann Madsen. She gave a really good talk on prayer. In District Meeting I gave the lesson--also on prayer. It made me realize how much i miss teaching my Sunday school class. The district who left this week gave our musical number in sacrament meeting. I can't remember what it was, but it was one of the priesthood hymns about missionary work. It was way neat. After sacrament, we did a companion exchange because Hermana Crawford y yo wanted to go to the temple and study our scriptures and the other two didn't. It was nice to be able to talk to her and get to know her better. While we were at the temple, I once again saw Sister Jenkins. We got a picture together. As soon as I get some pictures printed out, I'll send copies home (I'll send 2 so you can give one to the Jenkins because her camera batteries were dead.) When we went into the cafeteria for dinner I was getting toppings for my sandwich and Elder McRae (cousin) came over and said hi. That was really the first time I've seen him since my first week here. He said that Sunday was his halfway point. Holy Cow! Of course, that will be me in about a week and a half. YIKES! We also went to the Fireside and Sunday night movie. They showed the Testaments this week. It's nice to just chill at the end of a long week and watch a movie. Oh, I wore my green dress--the one I made--and got a bunch of compliments. That makes me feel pretty good about myself. Of course, I never say that I made it, but occasionally my companion or roommates tell people and they're even more impressed :). President Peters, our Branch President, also told us that there is one more case of Swine Flu in quarantine who is supposed to get out Wed (today). If there aren't any more cases, we'll be allowed to shake hands again. We're all crossing our fingers!

Mon: For service we had to clean the showers AGAIN! We played volleyball during gym and I got some good hits--I'm really conquering that ball! Poor Elder Kinney though (one of the elders in my district). He was playing basketball and dislocated his shoulder. He was supposed to leave tomorrow for the MTC in the Dominican Republic. Let's just say that we get to keep him in our district, and he might still be here after we leave because he has to have surgery. He's got his consultation today. We didn't speak English at dinner again. Okay, I've had some questions as to what the TEC is. It's the Teaching Evaluation Center where we go and contact or teach one of the teachers and they give us feedback on how we can improve. We had another TEC appointment to work on contacting in Spanish. I had words put into my mouth--and it was way awesome! I didn't get a dearelder from Grandma and Grandpa, only the one they sent wondering if I'd gotten theirs. I got letters from home. Oh! We also taught the first lesson in Spanish to some of the elders in our zone who have been here 3 weeks longer than us. They're also working on the first lesson (because they're working at the normal pace unlike us) They were quite impressed.

Tues: We taught the second lesson twice, once to los otras hermanas y once in the TEC. We got some good feedback there. Played volleyball and 4 square during gym. And our district had yet another injury. Elder McCrary sprained his ankle--way bad. Yes mom, I'm being careful. Both injuries have come from playing basketball and I don't like basketball, so I think you're safe. Elder and Sister John H. Groberg were our devotional speakers. They gave way good talks on getting people to the temple and paying closer attention to the Spirit. We sang Called to Serve for the opening hymn and I cried just like I always do.

This morning we went to the temple which was great as always. I really do love going to the temple and the Spirit we feel there.

Well, I love you all. Thanks for the letters! They really do make my day. Have a fabulous week and be watching for next week's letter to find out what exciting things have happened this next week, week 4 at the MTC. I hope Mom and Kesha are having a blast at girls camp and aren't being eaten by bears ;)

Love Hermana Good

Oh, and one final piece of good news that I had to save for the very end: At the devotional last night they announced that the ban on shaking hands and huggings has been LIFTED!!! We can shake hands again! So amazing! You should have seen our zone when we got back to our building last night! That totally made my day!!! So now it's legal to shake hands and hug my roommates and friends (who are girls) who are here! Yippee!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life in the MTC - Week 2

Mi Familia y Amigos

For starters, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVIN!!! The big 14! Have a fabulous day! Also, Hermana Crook's mom wanted your e-mail so you might be hearing from her.

Wednesday: P-day. I did laundry and wrote letters. Thanks to all who wrote me last week! It helped my first week here go better. That night Hermana Waldrop and I taught a lesson to one of the teachers here. That went pretty well for our first lesson. Our DL, Elder Baggaley also stood up to the other Elders who had a habit of goofing off when there wasn't a teacher in the room. This past week has been so much better because of that conversation we had. It really helped us grow closer together as a district.

Thursday: I got my flip-flops in the mail. I actually had the package before I got the dearelder letter saying that you'd sent them. I also got a birthday card from someone who signed up on missionary moms. She apologized that her card was late :) I wasn't even on my mission on my birthday! The last name was Cooper. I got the dearelder about your reaction to dad's picture. Hurry and figure out about that baptism--I'm excited to hear about it. That night we went to the Referral Center (RC) I had a great call with a man who recently joined the church. Hermana Waldrop had a horrible call with a man who just wanted to fight her on all the doctrine. No bueno. She got really upset, and I didn't care about no stinkin rules. I gave her a nice big hug when we got out of there. She needed it.

Friday: Where has the week gone?! The time is just flying by! We played beach volleyball again for gym. No mom, I'm not bruised and I'm actually really enjoying it! Emily DiMartini, I keep expecting you to drive past like you said you were going to and yell "Don't let Sister Good Play ball!" But no worries. I LOVE it and am actually getting over my fear of balls! Yea me! I got more mail. That made me happy... then again, it usually does.

Saturday: It was cooler during gym, and even sprinkled on us a little. We played volleyball again. During class we read D&C 4:2 and I realized there are a few things I need to change about my attitude and put my whole heart, might, mind, and strength into the work. I've been more motivated since that and things are going really well. That evening, I had to teach a short lesson on an attribute of Christ (I chose patience since that's what I prepared my sacrament meeting talk on for Sunday) to one of the elders in the district that is leaving next week. I actually did really well. I was able to understand most of what he said and communicate what I wanted to say pretty well.

Sunday: I LOVE Sunday at the MTC! All of the sisters have Relief Society together since there's only a few hundred of us and they have Sisters from the Church come speak to us. This week we had Sister Margaret Nadauld, who was YW general president a few years ago. Her talk was wonderful! Sacrament meeting was good. Each week they choose 2 missionaries randomly out of the congregation to give a 2-5 minute talk, so we all have to be ready. Then a branch presidency member and his wife speak to us. It was a wonderful sacrament meeting. I don't remember if I told you, but Hermana Waldrop y yo were asked to be the music coordinators so we get to choose all the music for sacrament meeting. We wanted to have a special musical number, so all 6 of us hermanas sang (well 5 of us sang and one played the piano) Mas Cerca Dios De Ti (Nearer My God to Thee). We had one on soprano, 2 on alto, and one each on tenor and bass an octave higher, and did the 3rd verse a capella. It was AWESOME! The Elders all loved it. That song was stuck in my head all day, but that's okay 'cause it's a good song! That afternoon we went on a temple walk and took some pictures with all the hermanas in our zone and our district, minus 2 elders who are going to the Dominican Republic and had a meeting to be to. I'll try to send them home soon. We went to choir practice that night for the devotional choir. We sang Come Thou Fount--love that song! We sang Called to Serve at the Sunday night fireside, and I cried... just like I do every time we sing it here, which is pretty much every big meeting. It is so neat to have over 2200 missionaries singing that song!

Monday: We had service. The 4 hermanas in my room were assigned to clean the bathrooms on the 4th floor of our building, and lucky me, I got stuck with the showers. Kesha, I'll NEVER complain about having to clean your hair out of the drain again. I spent about 45 minutes cleaning drains. YUCK! Hermana Waldrop y yo had an appointment at the TEC and got some good tips on questions to ask investigators. I got letters from home and loved the stories about Bear! They really made me laugh. I miss that little puppy, who probably isn't so little any more. I saw Elder Silvester in the cafeteria, and he told me that he is leaving this week (aka today.) I'm excited for him, but I'm not gonna lie, I'll miss seeing him around. He made me laugh every time I saw him, which was pretty much every day. Jill, I know you're jealous, and I'm sorry. He looks great though and is so ready to be out there. He's gonna be a great missionary!

Tuesday: We played volleyball again during gym. We were waiting to get back into the gym after taking a break between choir practice and the devotional and I heard that the last missionary who had been quarantined because of the Swine flu was released from quarantine Monday night. That's great news! Maybe we'll be able to start shaking hands again soon. I hope so anyway because it's really weird not to. Speaking of devo, it was amazing! Dad, you're gonna wish you were here! It was President and Sister Steuer (his mission president for those who don't know). They shared a great message about missionary work and temples. He told a couple of stories that I thought were way awesome. Did you know about them dad? The first was 2 sister missionaries were out tracting and came across a really scary looking young man sitting on a bench smoking pot and playing the guitar. They contacted him, started teaching him, baptized him and 1 1/2 years later he was the AP. The other was a new missionary from Northern Brazil went out and came back to President Steuer about a week later and said that he had his first baptism--his sister who had left home and they hadn't seen in about 4 years. That was awesome! I would have tried to go talk to them, but we had district devo review right after. Tuesday night was also kinda sad. No, really sad. I saw Sister Sorensen before the devo, and she left today, so we had to say goodbye. I tried not to cry, and did pretty good. I'm way excited for her and way happy that she gets to go out there and start teaching. She's gonna be a great missionary, and I'm excited to hear all about her mission in 18 months. It was after the devotional that was hard. She saw me across the sea of missionaries and waved goodbye. I totally lost it. I don't know why... okay, I do. It's because I'm my mother's daughter and got her waterworks. But I'll survive. Alicia Jenkins gets here today, so I'm on the lookout for her and have another friend here now!

Today: We got up and went to the temple and ate breakfast there after the session. It was yummy! We just ate ice cream for lunch because we were still full, but didn't want to miss out on the ice cream. Now we're e-mailing and getting ready to head off and do laundry here soon and write letters.

Oh, 2 of our roommates left this week too, so I had to say goodbye to Hermanas Bustillos and Sullivan.

Well, my time is almost up. I love you all and look forward to your letters! Have a most fabulous week! Keep the letters coming so I know how you all are doing!

I love it here, so much! It is an amazing place to be!

Hermana Kira Good

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Week 1

My dear familia y amigos,

I have been here at the MTC for one week, and boy has it been a busy one. I'll give you a run-down of my week. I am doing well. The language is coming, slowly, but it is. I really enjoy my teachers. The hard thing about being here is being inside so much and sitting at a desk. For those of you who really know me, you know that I absolutely hate sitting in a desk, and that's what I do for most of the day. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I'll survive. I'm outside only to walk across the sidewalk from my dorm to my class and across campus to the cafeteria. But again, I'll survive.Oh, and please don't e-mail me back. Send me letters so I have more time to e-mail you and give you more details.

Wednesday: I said goodbye to my family. That was hard, though not as hard as I had expected it to be. We took pictures in teh field and in front of the MTC, then we drove up to the curb and I got out. There were a couple of Elders there to unload my luggage, and we said goodbye. The elders took my luggage, and I went to get my name tag. Having my Savior's name pinned over my heart was an amazing feeling. I know that I am doing the right thing. Then the Elders took me to my dorm building wehre I was met by a Sister who took me up to my room. Two of my roommates were here, Sister Crook from Las Vegas (She kinda reminds me of Megan Meyer. A lot actually) and Sister Crawford from Rexburg. Then I went to check my medical records to make sure I'd had all the shots I needed. Nope, I needed a tetanus shot. Oh well. I went back to my room, and my companion, Sister Waldrop from West Valley UT got there shortly after. She is attending Utah State and is majoring in ElEd. All 3 of them are going to Buenas Aires South. Hermana Waldrop and I went to the cafeteria so she could eat, and on our way there, I saw Elder McRae. I'd been here less than 2 hours! That was nice. I also saw several peole from school.

Thurs: Oh wow. What an intense day. We had class, and by the end of the dya, we'd learned how to conjugate verbs, pray, and bear testimony in espanol. We went over tons of vocab!I had a really good scripture study. I was in Helaman 12, and came across verse 7. Read it and think about it, and let me know what your insigths are. I also saw Jill's brother, Elder Silvester in the cafeteria.

Fri: Not as intense as Thursday, but still a lot to absorb. I am learnign so much, but by the end of the day I am absolutely exhausted! i am normally a night ow, right? Well, not here. I am usually asleep minutes after getting in bed at 10:30. I saw Elder Jenkins in the cafeteria and was able to talk to him for a minute. I also saw Elder Brassard, someone I briefly met at school. He thought he recognized me and came over and we started talking. he's the one who told Jill about that gorge we went to see. He was way excited that we'd driven up there. I also got some mail from a couple of my friends on missions.

Sat: Happy 4th of July... only not really. Actually to be completely honest, I had a really bad day. I was feelign really discouraged and was really missing my family. I sat through class, but didn't absorb much. My heart just wasn't in int. I saw Elder Silvester in the cafeteria again, and when he sa me, he was like "heeloo" (Jill, you're probably the only person who will know how that sounds). I was totally out of it and it kinda startled me, but at least it made me smile. There was a special fireside that night, and when I sat down I just started to cry. I felt alone. I just wanted to see Sister Sorensen or Elder McRae, and looked all over for them, but didn't see them. Hermana Waldrop y yo were wlaking out after the firseide, and lo and behold, I hear someone very excitedly say "Sister Good!" It was Sister Sorenson!!! We ran to each other and broke all the rules and gave each other a big hug. I didn't care. I neede3d that hug more than anything right then. We also got to watch the firewroks that night, but if anything that just made meo more homesick, because I knew that my whole familywas together watching IF's big fireworks show. It was kiinda nead to have all the missionaries singing hymns while we watched though. Oh, I also saw Elder Jenkins again after the fireside and aksed him what "Bababa ba" (that Alicia told us about) means and he said "decending" in question form.

Sun: What a welcome relief! We had mission conference, which was amazing! I felt as if all of the talks were exactly for me! During the conference, I was reminded of a quote by President Hinckley. "Things will work out. Keep Trying. Be Believing. DOn't get discouraged. Things will work out." How comforting that was for me. It was fast and testimony meeting, and what a neat meeting that was! To have the missionaries in my zone stand and bear testimony opf our Savior in Spanish! I too, bore my simple testimony (using all that I could of my limited spanish) I saw Elder McRae again, briefly. I think the highlight of my week was Sunday afternoon wehn i walked out of the bathroom. That sounds weird, but it's true! All over the MTC there are pictures of missionaries from days past. Well, I walked out of the bathroom--the one I've usually used during the day--and there was a picture that really caught my attention. It was taken at a baptismal service in 1985, in Sao Paulo Brazil. Think back family. That's where Dad went and when he was there. DAD WAS IN THAT PICTURE!!! Oh the tender mercies of the Lord. That picture really helped cheer me up. Mom, don't let dad read this before he reads his b-day card and looks at the pictures I sent if the card came today, which it should.

Mon: Less discouraging. My brain was rested and I was able to take a fresh look at things. Hermana Walford and I taught the first lesson, in English. We also memorized the first Visionin Spanish! That was a challenge, but I know the Lord was with me. I also got mail, a card with some stamps in it from the Johnsons. Hopefully I'll have time to get them a thank you note out today.

Tues: Crazy! I wish there were at least 5 more hours in the day. The days just fly by. Well, sort of. I don't hardly know what day or time it is anymore, let alone what meal I'm eating. We had devotional last night. I sang in the choir, and while we were waiting for rehearsal, someone called my name! It was Sister Sorensen again. We were able to get a picture together, which was nice. I'll send a copy when I get one printed out. JOy, if you're reading this, I'll send her 2 copies so you can have one too. I got lots of mail. There were letters from all my grandparents and my family, and Emily Mower. Thanks guys for lettign me know I'm loved.

This mornign we went to the temple and now are scrambling to finish e-mails. i love you all. I know the Church is true. Remember tha tour Heavenly Father loves us more than anything and wants us to be happy. Please send lots of letters. They really do make amissionaries day go better to get those letters at the end of the night. is a great way to go while I am here. I'll look forward to hearing form each of you.

Me amo ustedes.

Hermana Good

Monday, July 6, 2009

1st letter

Here is Hermana Good's first letter, written the day she entered the MTC.


Dear Family,

It has been a crazy day, but I love it so much. The Spirit is so amazing. I haven't been able to stop smiling. My dorm isn't too much bigger than my bedroom at home. There are 6 hermanas. Two of them were already here. The other 3 new ones are going to Argentina. My companion is Hermana Waldroup from West Jordan. She is going to USU and is an El Ed major. She is the 3rd of 10 kids. We will get along really well. Oh yeah. I had to get a tetanus shot. We had to have one in the past 5 years and mine was 6 years ago. In my district there is one other elder going to NM Abq. Half of our zone is new today. Our branch presidency is super excited because we've doubled. (Zone/branch are interchangable.) Well, our meeting ran late & its almost lights out & I still have to write in my journal. I love you all. I love it here. It's going to be great. P-day is Wednesday so you'll get an e-mail sometime then.

Love, Hermana Good

PS I do need a key ring & I was an airhead & didn't grab my flip-flops. And I saw Elder McRae (her cousin) before 2:00, & a few other Sisters I know from school.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Kira is officially on her mission! She was set apart on June 30 (her birthday)--that was neat. We got up early on Wednesday to head to Provo and the MTC. The drive was somewhat quiet. We ate at Chili's before heading up the road. We were able to park across the street from the MTC to take pictures and say our goodbyes. We also took pictures in front of the Missionary Training Center before loading up in the car to take her across the street. As soon as we pulled in, elders were opening up our car doors and pulling out her luggage. And she was off on her mission. Though we have our moments of tears, she is where she is supposed to be. We know she will be an awesome missionary. We are proud of her! We will post her e-mails as we receive them.