Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Week 1

My dear familia y amigos,

I have been here at the MTC for one week, and boy has it been a busy one. I'll give you a run-down of my week. I am doing well. The language is coming, slowly, but it is. I really enjoy my teachers. The hard thing about being here is being inside so much and sitting at a desk. For those of you who really know me, you know that I absolutely hate sitting in a desk, and that's what I do for most of the day. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I'll survive. I'm outside only to walk across the sidewalk from my dorm to my class and across campus to the cafeteria. But again, I'll survive.Oh, and please don't e-mail me back. Send me letters so I have more time to e-mail you and give you more details.

Wednesday: I said goodbye to my family. That was hard, though not as hard as I had expected it to be. We took pictures in teh field and in front of the MTC, then we drove up to the curb and I got out. There were a couple of Elders there to unload my luggage, and we said goodbye. The elders took my luggage, and I went to get my name tag. Having my Savior's name pinned over my heart was an amazing feeling. I know that I am doing the right thing. Then the Elders took me to my dorm building wehre I was met by a Sister who took me up to my room. Two of my roommates were here, Sister Crook from Las Vegas (She kinda reminds me of Megan Meyer. A lot actually) and Sister Crawford from Rexburg. Then I went to check my medical records to make sure I'd had all the shots I needed. Nope, I needed a tetanus shot. Oh well. I went back to my room, and my companion, Sister Waldrop from West Valley UT got there shortly after. She is attending Utah State and is majoring in ElEd. All 3 of them are going to Buenas Aires South. Hermana Waldrop and I went to the cafeteria so she could eat, and on our way there, I saw Elder McRae. I'd been here less than 2 hours! That was nice. I also saw several peole from school.

Thurs: Oh wow. What an intense day. We had class, and by the end of the dya, we'd learned how to conjugate verbs, pray, and bear testimony in espanol. We went over tons of vocab!I had a really good scripture study. I was in Helaman 12, and came across verse 7. Read it and think about it, and let me know what your insigths are. I also saw Jill's brother, Elder Silvester in the cafeteria.

Fri: Not as intense as Thursday, but still a lot to absorb. I am learnign so much, but by the end of the day I am absolutely exhausted! i am normally a night ow, right? Well, not here. I am usually asleep minutes after getting in bed at 10:30. I saw Elder Jenkins in the cafeteria and was able to talk to him for a minute. I also saw Elder Brassard, someone I briefly met at school. He thought he recognized me and came over and we started talking. he's the one who told Jill about that gorge we went to see. He was way excited that we'd driven up there. I also got some mail from a couple of my friends on missions.

Sat: Happy 4th of July... only not really. Actually to be completely honest, I had a really bad day. I was feelign really discouraged and was really missing my family. I sat through class, but didn't absorb much. My heart just wasn't in int. I saw Elder Silvester in the cafeteria again, and when he sa me, he was like "heeloo" (Jill, you're probably the only person who will know how that sounds). I was totally out of it and it kinda startled me, but at least it made me smile. There was a special fireside that night, and when I sat down I just started to cry. I felt alone. I just wanted to see Sister Sorensen or Elder McRae, and looked all over for them, but didn't see them. Hermana Waldrop y yo were wlaking out after the firseide, and lo and behold, I hear someone very excitedly say "Sister Good!" It was Sister Sorenson!!! We ran to each other and broke all the rules and gave each other a big hug. I didn't care. I neede3d that hug more than anything right then. We also got to watch the firewroks that night, but if anything that just made meo more homesick, because I knew that my whole familywas together watching IF's big fireworks show. It was kiinda nead to have all the missionaries singing hymns while we watched though. Oh, I also saw Elder Jenkins again after the fireside and aksed him what "Bababa ba" (that Alicia told us about) means and he said "decending" in question form.

Sun: What a welcome relief! We had mission conference, which was amazing! I felt as if all of the talks were exactly for me! During the conference, I was reminded of a quote by President Hinckley. "Things will work out. Keep Trying. Be Believing. DOn't get discouraged. Things will work out." How comforting that was for me. It was fast and testimony meeting, and what a neat meeting that was! To have the missionaries in my zone stand and bear testimony opf our Savior in Spanish! I too, bore my simple testimony (using all that I could of my limited spanish) I saw Elder McRae again, briefly. I think the highlight of my week was Sunday afternoon wehn i walked out of the bathroom. That sounds weird, but it's true! All over the MTC there are pictures of missionaries from days past. Well, I walked out of the bathroom--the one I've usually used during the day--and there was a picture that really caught my attention. It was taken at a baptismal service in 1985, in Sao Paulo Brazil. Think back family. That's where Dad went and when he was there. DAD WAS IN THAT PICTURE!!! Oh the tender mercies of the Lord. That picture really helped cheer me up. Mom, don't let dad read this before he reads his b-day card and looks at the pictures I sent if the card came today, which it should.

Mon: Less discouraging. My brain was rested and I was able to take a fresh look at things. Hermana Walford and I taught the first lesson, in English. We also memorized the first Visionin Spanish! That was a challenge, but I know the Lord was with me. I also got mail, a card with some stamps in it from the Johnsons. Hopefully I'll have time to get them a thank you note out today.

Tues: Crazy! I wish there were at least 5 more hours in the day. The days just fly by. Well, sort of. I don't hardly know what day or time it is anymore, let alone what meal I'm eating. We had devotional last night. I sang in the choir, and while we were waiting for rehearsal, someone called my name! It was Sister Sorensen again. We were able to get a picture together, which was nice. I'll send a copy when I get one printed out. JOy, if you're reading this, I'll send her 2 copies so you can have one too. I got lots of mail. There were letters from all my grandparents and my family, and Emily Mower. Thanks guys for lettign me know I'm loved.

This mornign we went to the temple and now are scrambling to finish e-mails. i love you all. I know the Church is true. Remember tha tour Heavenly Father loves us more than anything and wants us to be happy. Please send lots of letters. They really do make amissionaries day go better to get those letters at the end of the night. is a great way to go while I am here. I'll look forward to hearing form each of you.

Me amo ustedes.

Hermana Good

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