Monday, August 30, 2010

Horizon, TX, Transfer 9, Week 4

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week has come and gone here in Texas. The weather is cooling down (we actually walked outside the other day to check the mail and it was a little overcast, and we said that it was cold even though the temperatures were in the upper 70s or lower 80s). It was a little bit of a boring week, as any missionary would say after being inside all week due to illness, but we managed.

Monday: It was P-day, but most of it was spent doing service for a family in one of our wards where the mother is dying of cancer. We did see a tornado over Mexico. That was pretty crazy.

Tuesday: Sister Jardine woke up sick with the flu (she'd been feeling a little under-the-weather since Sunday). So we were in all day long. But I FINALLY totally finished cleaning our apartment. I attacked the floors with bleach, and when I got that all cleaned up, pine sol. We can walk in our bathrooms and kitchen without shoes! I also finished scrubbing the tub so we can shower without shoes too!

Wednesday: We were still in sick. One of the Elders called us with a question, and mentioned that he got his birthday package in the mail that day. I got off the phone and was saying to Sister Jardine that I should have a package either that day or the next. As I finished saying that, the mail man ding-dong-ditched us leaving a package on the doorstep for me! With an early Christmas present of a GPS. It's way early, but will do me (and is doing me) good now. And since I'll be home just a few weeks after Christmas, why bother having my family send me anything that I'd just have to send right back because I know that my suitcases are overweight? So I got my Christmas in August.

Thursday: We were still stuck in our apartment. We were starting to go crazy, and it was starting to feel like a prison. That evening the Elders called us and asked what we'd been eating all week. (Haha--leave it to the Elders to think about food). We'd had food to eat, but they said that they were bringing us dinner. And they did. They had one of the sisters in one of our wards make it for us. Spaghetti. It was yummy.

Friday: We were able to go to Coordination, and to one of our appointments. It felt SO good to get out of the house!

Saturday: we did our weekly planning, and went to a couple appointments. There was a stake activity that night (for Pioneer day, though a month late) that we went to. Our ward was in charge of the tug-of-war, and the brother in charge got all the missionaries to do it and said that the sisters had to be involved. That was quite the picture--2 sister missionaries in skirts and all participating in the tug-of-war with all the elders. Yes, I got pictures. Well, i didn't, but I'd given our bishop's wife my camera so she could take pictures of us. I also got another package with cookies. Yummy! And just what we needed. (btw mom, could you send that recipe? I know what they need, and how long and what temperature to bake them at, but I don't remember quantities and those would be yummy to make for district meeting one of these days.)

Sunday: We were out of the apartment all day! And sat through 6 hours of church. But that was okay. On the way home that night, there was a crazy cool lightening storm that totally lit up the whole sky. It was pretty neat.

So that's my week. Very short, I know. But we didn't do that much. Happy reading!

Hermana Good

Here are some pictures from Kira's apartment--before the cleaning. And yes, the kitchen was like that when they arrived!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Horizon, TX, Transfer 9, Week 3

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow. Another week has flown by and this transfer is half over. Crazy! It was actually a pretty good week. It sounds like you all had fun in Disneyland. I wish I could have been there too, but I had my own adventures of a trip to Texas, seeing the Mexican border, fighting German Cockroaches and tarantulas, and a Harry Potter closet to boot. Next time. I don’t remember what I told you last week about the area and stuff. Horizon is a quiet town, and my area doesn’t go clear to the border –though it’s only 7 miles as the crow flies from my apartment. Horizon has less than 5000 people. And they say that El Paso is the 7th safest city in the world even though it borders the deadliest. Things in Texas are going great. We have a Spanish ward that is bigger than the English ward (that has only been a ward for 2 weeks). There are lots of members around that are willing to help. We’ve gotten lots of referrals from them. Our apartment is huge. When the Elders were here helping us haul stuff out they started calling it “the sisters mansion”. It’s a split level – bedroom and bathroom upstairs, kitchen, living room, and bathroom downstairs. My companion is amazing. We get along great. Sister Jardine has way awesome Spanish – so much better than mine was. Her only problem is the inability to eat spicy food. We’re working on that. I don’t know if there’s lot of illegals. We don’t ask. All I know is that I’m in the minority which is kinda weird. Things are looking brighter here in the area. Work is starting to pick up. And I feel that it has a lot of good potential. I’m excited to see what’s to come.

Monday: Happy Birthday Suzanne! It was p-day. We went to the zone activity and played basketball for a while. That was the first and last time we'll do that. They're crazy! And our apartment in FINALLY clean! WOO-HOO! You all have no idea how happy we were! We had to say goodbye to Elder Moore who was transferred to the west-side to train an elder who was sent here while waiting for his visa. (CAUTION: Don't read the rest of this paragraph if you're eating or have a queasy stomach) And we had cow tongue for dinner. We both wanted to throw up. It's not so bad smothered in chile colorado and wrapped in a tortilla with onion. But shredded on a plate with taste-buds and the the skin-muscle thing that attaches the tongue to the mouth still on there WAY grossed me out. Not to mention it was served with fake potatoes. We left the dinner appointment, and I turned to Sister Jardine and asked "So how was your tongue?" Yeah, it was gross. If I never eat that again in my life I've already eaten it too many times.

Tuesday: We started a week-long training for the mission leaders (i.e. DLs, ZLs and trainers). But my greenie was lucky and got to go because there are no other sisters around for her to hang out with for 4 days. It was a way good training--I wish I'd had that to start my mission! And even better: We got home that night and found lots of DEAD cockroaches! They were dead! There were like 3 live ones, 2 itty-bitty ones and a big one chowing down on a crumb left on the counter. But when I headed toward him with the can of Raid he took off running--but I'm faster and smarter than him. And that was the last of the live cockroaches we've seen! Hallelujah!

Wednesday: We had another amazing day of training. It's been fun getting to know the elders a little better. There are some really good elders in this mission. And we got back to Horizon and had an amazing night. We took a wrong turn and stumbled across a former investigator. We accidentally ran into a part-member less active family. We're starting to see success, and feel a lot of potential here! We're so excited. And you want to know what totally made my day? I GOT A LETTER FROM JILL!!!!! I thought she'd forgotten about me! But she hasn't.

Thursday: Another amazing day of training, but this time up in Las Cruces. We left our apartment right about 7:00 to make it there on time (the other 3 days were here in the El Paso area). On the way home we hit El Paso rush hour traffic. Do y'all remember how terrified I used to be to drive in Salt Lake? That's nothing compared to this! And I wasn't freaking out! I can drive in rush hour traffic with 5 lanes of cars and not freak out. That was pretty cool. And I saw something totally random that caught me off guard on our way to our dinner appointments: Potato fields! I know, potato fields in Texas? That's what I thought too.

Friday: It was our last day of training. We went out and applied what we learned that night, and feel that it's going to be a great few weeks here in this transfer.

Saturday: We did service in the morning for a family where the sister is dying of cancer.Then we did planning since we were in training all day on Friday. That night we taught a lesson to one of our new investigators (We have investigators!) with the elders because he's a single man and our members canceled last minute. We all felt like we were throwing up information, but we were answering his questions, so I guess it was okay??? I got a package from home and it was yummy! We were looking at the cookies for about 5 minutes before we finally realized that they were Mickey heads. All the ears were broken off. Well, about half of the ears. But not a one of them had 2 ears. And the jelly was de-jellified. But it was yummy on the bread! It only took like 2 days to get here. And mom, did you talk to Sister Jardine's mom on the phone? 'Cause her mom told her that she talked to you.

Sunday: We went to church, but Sister Jardine wasn't feeling too great, so we went home after dinner.

Over all, it's been a pretty good week. I wish I'd had that training at the first of my mission instead of this close to the end, but I have more time left than a good chunk of the elders who were there--and I don't have much time left. I learned so many good things and I am way excited to get out and hit the pavement and work hard. Things are really turning around in our area. Once we got our apartment clean, things really took off and the area is on fire! I felt something good when we got here, but now we are really seeing the blessings that come from being here. There's nothing else I'd rather be doing right now than working in this area. We are starting to see success. I feel now like I just had to go through that hard time to make me realize the blessings I can receive from this great work.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Hermana Good.

PS~ Mom: would you look up a talk and send it to me? It's called Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon by President Benson in the November 1988 Ensign, pages 2-9. Thanks! And also, would you see if you can find the song "Prayer of the Children" in Spanish, and if you can't in English? I want to do that for the Christmas Zone Conference if they do a talent thing again. Thanks! I love yoU!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Howdy de Texas (pronounced Te-hass)

My dear family and friends,

What a crazy week it has been. Holy cow have we had some adventures.

Monday: Our first p-day in Texas. It was spent cleaning the apartment and we STILL didn't finish! As Sister Jardine and I were talking that night, we made some totally random connections--we have SEVERAL friends in common. So if you read this and your name is on this list you should give us a shout out. Jamie Ann Moon Frizzle. Madalyn Dustin. Jessica Southwick. Derek Salisbury. Brandon Fowler. Sam Brown. Aaron Kinghorn. And those are all I can remember--there's a bunch more. And we figured out that we'd met before, fall of 2007. Her roommate/cousin was really good friends with my roommate and she totally came over to my apartment. Crazy, no?

Tuesday: We kept thinking of more people we know in common. We went tracting, and it was 109. HOT! And we FINALLY unpacked! I know, we'd been here for a week, but there were other things that were taking our priorities.

Wednesday: We went tracting in 119 degree temps. We got sunburned. And then it started to rain and dropped 50 degrees in 10 minutes. When we got home that night we found more cockroaches all over the dishes we'd washed that morning. We got really frustrated, went upstairs to our clean bedroom, sat on the floor and cried as we ate chocolate cupcakes. Pathetic picture, I know.

Thursday: We had district meeting, and can I just say that it was AMAZING! Elder Pearson started out by asking each one of us how we were. (He'd called Wednesday night when we were sitting on the floor in tears). And it was all just so uplifting. We were way excited and ready to get out and work. We made the Elders Spider cupcakes to make up for killing the tarantula and took them to district meeting. After district meeting, we called Sister Clifford in the office again, and she told us to have the Elders come and help us de-junk and haul things to the dump. So we called the Elders and asked them if they'd have time on Saturday or today, but they said "Don't wait that long! We'll be there tomorrow at 11." Okay. Sweet! We were feeling much better about things. Oh--while I was on the phone with Sister Clifford she asked where I wanted to have President send me next so I could clean up. I would SO much rather stay here for a while. And with only 3 transfers left after this one I really won't be surprised if I "die" here. Yes, I really did just say three. Crazy, no? Time sure flies when you're havin' fun! That night as we were out tracting, we saw a pitbull looking at us over a rock fence and were like "creepy" and then behind the same fence, a German Shepherd started brinking the whole length of the fence following us. Not barking, just jumping and leaping in the air. We were laughing so hard we could hardly walk straight. And we finished cleaning the upstairs, with the exception of the bathroom floor.

Friday: The Elders came and helped us get rid of the stinky infested couches, the washer-dryer combo that doesn't work, the disgusting hospital chair, and all the junk from the zebra and Harry Potter closets. In there we found papers dating back to 1973. No joke. Don't ask. And the exterminator came to exterminate the cockroaches. It didn't work because we've still been finding some, but EVERYTHING is clean now, so that should help lots. Things looked SO much better in our apartment.

Saturday: We went to two baptisms, one in the Spanish ward for the elders we work with, and one for the elders serving in Fabens. That was a good way to spend a Saturday morning. Then we went to the bakery of the member the Fabens Elders live with for lunch, and took district pictures because one of the Elders is being transferred to the West Side to train a new elder coming in tonight while he's waiting for his visa (and the other 2 companionships in our district are also getting a couple). All I can say is que triste. We're losing an amazing Elder who really knows how to work hard and who let us borrow his GPS (thanks to not having that we got lost again this morning). And we're getting 2 new greenies. My greenie is excited to not be the greenie in the district anymore... except she is. She's just less green than the others. So we took a district photo, even though that's a last district meeting of the transfer kind of deal. And I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa and we discovered that we're related. And I'm looking forward to next week's letters to find out how. So all you with more access to technology and knowledge about genealogy, have fun!

Sunday: We went to Church. I had a sister from the Spanish ward ask me if I'm from Brazil. Okay... my accent isn't THAT good. But whatever. And we got to sub sunbeams in the English ward. I was totally in heaven! I miss kids! They're SO funny! And Sister Jardine tried her first Serrano pepper, which is hotter than a jalapeno, and it about killed her. And did absolutely nothing to me. She says that I have a mouth of steel.

So yeah. It's been a good week. We FINALLY finished cleaning the apartment this morning. And hopefully have annihilated the cockroaches. We have a can of Raid on hand to use if one finds its way in. And the carpet cleaner came. So now our apartment is clean AND it doesn't stink any more! Yea! We were able to get out and do some tracting and meet a lot more members. We have more energy to get out and work because our minds aren't focused on the mess at home. We're still trying to organize the area book, but it hadn't been touched in so long that there isn't much useful information. We're in the process of trying to contact all former investigators. I'm excited for the training this week and to apply what we learn as we turn this area upside down. The members are way excited that there's sisters back in the area and are way willing to help us out.

Hope you all have a great week! Love you!

Hermana Good

Monday, August 9, 2010

Horizon, TX, Transfer 9, Week 1

Side note from Kira's mom: Young men--DO NOT EVER leave a missionary apartment dirty for the next set of missionaries to come in. It is very rude and totally unacceptable! I've already told my boys that if they EVER do, I will personally come and hunt them down and make them pay for their behavior. Can you tell what is coming in Kira's letter???

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, it has been quite the week. I hope you've got a bit of time, because I can guarantee that it will be a novel by the time I finish this--and I thought that last week's letter was long! So sit back, relax, and maybe grab a bowl of popcorn to munch while you read my story for this week.

Monday: I said the last of my goodbyes. I saved Karina, Dayana, and Evelyn for last. They had us over for lunch, and then we shared a lesson, and were there for like 3 hours. I just didn't want to say goodbye. I grew to love them so much, and was very NOT excited to leave them. Karina gave me a pretty pair of earrings as a going away gift. Lots of tears were shed. The rest of the day was spent packing, and I had a hard time squishing everything in, but it was successful. And I even made it to bed at a decent time--like before 11:00 which is amazing for the night before transfers.

Tuesday: We were up way early--like 4:30 early because we had to be on the road by 5:45 to be to the office by 7:00 for the trainer's meeting. I bid Santa Fe and Rio Rancho goodbye as I drove past, because I really feel that I won't be going back up north except for temple day and when I fly home in January--and then I won't go as far north as Rio Rancho or Santa Fe. I met Sister Jardine--a very excited new missionary from Logan Utah, who graduated from BYU-Idaho with a degree in Emergency Medicine. Yep--my companion is a paramedic. Which means if I ever almost die again from dehydration I'll be safe. We have several friends in common--if anyone knows Lindsay Jardine you should give us a shout out--we'd love to hear from you! Then I said goodbye to Sister Michel who is now back in Mexico. She gave us pictures of the baptisms they've had in the branch over the past several months--and I was totally shocked to see that one of our eternigators was baptized. I wish I had a picture of my face. They say she's really strong and doesn't miss a week. That was sweet! Then I loaded into the AP's van with one of the APs and 5 greenies--my trainee and 4 brand-spanking new Elders on their way to Las Cruces to meet their trainers. That was the most spiritual, uplifting car ride I've ever had. They were... well, Sister Jardine was while the elders all slept, asking Elder Ellsworth and I all sorts of questions about the mission--no talk about girls left at home or what we'd heard about sports teams, etc. like the transfer van. When we got to Las Cruces, we went into the bathroom where we met two new Sisters, Sister Knight heading to Santa Fe and Sister Cope heading to Rio Rancho. That was pretty sweet! We have more sisters in the mission! Woo-hoo! Sister Knight has I think 8 months in the mission and Sister Cope went into the MTC 2 weeks after me, so we'll probably go home at the same time. And there in Las Cruces I collected the keys to our TRUCK!!! Oh Yeah. I have a truck again--a 2010 Chevy Colorado. And it was filthy. We've washed it twice in less than a week, and it's STILL dirty. We're going to make round 3 today. Then we got on the road to Texas and REALLY felt like I was breaking all sorts of rules. I saw Mexico. That was weird. We met 2 other sisters in El Paso, and headed even further south. Then we got to our apartment. Remember how I constantly complained about the apartment in Santa Fe and how "nasty" it was? That was nothing compared to this apartment. There were two notes left from the Elders who were here "2 Tarantulas in house: 1 alive, 1 dead." and "washer broken, wash clothes in tub." The tub was covered in black mold. There were cockroaches EVERYWHERE. The apartment smells like something died in there--which it probably has. There was a science experiment going on in the refrigerator. We went to Wal-mart and bought lots of disinfectant cleaning supplies and gloves and headed home to tackle the mess. We cleaned the shower and fridge. Little by little we've been working at cleaning things up. We're going to attack today.

Wednesday: We did more cleaning and tried to figure out our area book. but it hasn't been touched in months--it was covered in dust when we got there. We filled the bed of our truck full of garbage for round 2. We went and met both of our Bishops in the English and Spanish wards and the Mission Leader for the English ward. They are way excited to have us here and so willing to help us work.

Thursday: We had district meeting in Spanish, pues, Spanglish. We have some amazing Elders in our district. It was the best district meeting that I've been to in a long time. Elder Moore loaned us his GPS which has been a lifesaver and helped us get oriented to the area. I'm going to miss that when we give it back. Then we went to lunch as a district after district meeting. Like I said--the Elders are awesome. We also visited members and got 4 member referrals, and were able to contact 2 of them. That night we discovered that we can see Ciudad Juarez from our bedroom window. That was crazy.

Friday: People have discovered that I play the piano. They called and asked if I'd play the piano for a funeral. We went and bought a microwave and sanitary dishes. We were going to wait for zone conference, but when we called the office they told us NOT to wait. (side note--mom, I put $66.83 on my discover card for those. I'll get reimbursed, but I need more money in my checking account). We had our missionary coordination meeting for the English ward. That night we cleaned more in the apartment, and discovered that the drip pans on our stove were totally rusted through. And our stove is old enough that we can't buy replacements for it. We've got them covered in tin foil to work for now.

Saturday: We did weekly planning because we were at the funeral all day on Friday. We tried to contact some people on our list. Then we went home and conquered the stove top.

Sunday: We had church, a meeting, more church, dinner, and back to the church for a fireside where they asked me to play the piano. I got mostly unpacked. That just hasn't been a priority--but I felt guilty cleaning on Sunday so I unpacked. I was quite depressed at our numbers--the lowest numbers that I've had in a day let alone a whole week on my mission.

So yeah. Crazy week, no? I bet I won't have another week like this my whole mission. What an adventure this has been. I'll send pictures after we get things cleaned up so my mom doesn't freak out completely, because what I've described in this letter doesn't compare to the pictures. Use your imagination. But don't call the office. They know about the war-zone we've entered and are very sick of hearing from us.

Have a great week.

Love you all.

Hermana Good

A Wedding, A Baptisn, and Transfer News

Here is Kira's e-mail from last week--August 2--we were on vacation!

Well, my family and friends,

Another transfer has come and gone. ?Tan Rapido? I can't believe it. I have completed transfer number 8, and only have 4 more left--unless they switch to 8 week transfers before I go home, then I'll only have like 3. CRAZY! And what an eventful weekend we had!

Monday: It was p-day. We went up to Los Alamos to see the science museum Sister Cabello has been begging me to see all transfer--the one where they have the replicas of the atomic bomb. It was okay, but not exactly my idea of fun. On the way home we stopped and took pictures with Camel Rock. One of the sisters in the branch gave us each a gift card to Olive Garden, so we ate dinner there since we didn't have a dinner appointment.

Tuesday: We weren't sure how we’re were going to be mile-wise at the end of the week because we used a few more miles on Monday than planned, and had to drive the 5 miles to the church and back to pick up the baptismal clothing, so we walked for most of the day--like 6 or 7 miles. We had a pretty successful day, and both slept great that night!

Wednesday: We walked some more, but not as much as we did on Tuesday. And we had another successful day. I also did the piano lessons for the kids that I've been doing the past couple of weeks. It was kinda rainy--but only when we were inside teaching. Yes, that was an answer to prayer.

Thursday: We had the last district meeting of the transfer. And we helped clean the church that night because we needed more service time and no one else signed up.

Friday: We did weekly planning. And we went and sat with Karina's aunt who has a mental disability while she and her soon-to-be-husband, and her other aunt and the kids were all off doing preparations for the wedding. Before we left, Ivan sat down and visited with us--something he has never done with the missionaries before, us or the elders. That is definite progress. That night, Karina and Ivan were married. They were both glowing, as were their daughters. The girls have been praying for weeks that their mommy and poppy would get married so they could be baptized. He kept finding excuses to not go get the marriage license, but this week it happened! It was fun to be there. Boy do the members of the branch know how to party! One of our investigators, well, eternigators, is a DJ, so he did the music for the dance. And if you all know me, or remember the e-mail I sent a few weeks ago about hearing the music and having a desire to dance, that was SUCH a big temptation to dance. I wanted to dance SO bad! I had to keep telling myself "5 more months. Only 5 more months." And I admit, my feet were moving as I sat in my chair, and I danced with 1 1/2 year old Angie, the sister of 2 of our investigators in a less-active family. Shame on me. Kesha, when you get up to Rexburg, you BETTER go dancing for me. Even if you don't like it you better go dancing for me.

Saturday: The morning started out normal. We got up and got ready for the baptism that evening, and sat down to study. My stomach is always in knots the morning of transfer news, and it got knottier and knottier the longer I studied. About 9:45, the phone rang. It was the mission home. Do you know what that means? It was President Miller. He asked how I'm doing and how things are going in the area. Then he told me that we'll get transfer news that night, but that he wanted to inform the trainers that they're training that morning. I'm going to be getting a new sister tomorrow. Then he told me that I'm going to be OPENING the Socorro Mission Trail Area. Whether that means that we're opening opening or whitewashing opening I don't know. I'll be in the El Paso Zone. He said that I'm going from the furthest north sister area to the furthest south. That's fun. He told me that it's kind of a double whammy, but that he has complete confidence in my abilities. I was kind of in shock by this point, but had enough mind about me to ask if my companion is learning English or Spanish, and yes, she is learning Spanish. So I am training, teaching a new missionary Spanish when I'm not super confident with my own abilities all the time, and opening a new area. I'm pretty sure my face was white when I got off the phone. My hands were shaking way bad. If I thought my stomach was in knots while I was studying, that so didn't compare to how it felt when I hung up the phone. I couldn't eat anything if I wanted to. I couldn't focus. All sorts of doubts and "what ifs" started running through my mind. It was great. Even worse-- all day long people were asking if we'd heard anything yet, and we had to say no because we can't say anything until official transfer news Saturday night. That night Karina, Dayana, and Evelyn were baptized. It was a beautiful baptism, but very bitter-sweet knowing that I won't be able to see them progress. As I stood to the side of the font with their towels I sobbed, knowing that I'd probably only see them 2 more times--Sunday at church and today to say goodbye (that's where we're headed when we leave here) :'( As we watched the video while they were changing, tears were running down my face. One of the few sisters I've gotten close to asked me "que tiene?" which translates to "What's wrong?" I responded with a simple "nada" when all I really wanted to do was put my head on her shoulder and cry. But really, it was a beautiful baptism. I am so grateful that I was able to be here to see them baptized. All three have very strong testimonies of the Gospel. That night we got transfer news, and Sister Cabello is staying here with Sister Knight--who is coming up from down south.

Sunday: Happy 13 months in the mission to me. Already? I know. It really doesn't seem like it. We had church, and I cried lots. Mostly when I had to tell Karina and her girls that I'm leaving, and during their confirmations, and my testimony, and their testimonies, and some of the testimonies of other primary kids. Okay, so basically all through sacrament meeting. During the confirmations, I sat up at the piano and sobbed. Quietly, but I sobbed. I don't think I've cried that hard for goodbyes my whole mission! Their confirmations were beautiful blessings. All three were promised that through their example, their husband/father would be brought to a knowledge of the Gospel. After church we went so I could say goodbye to people and take pictures. As we were telling several different people goodbye, they told me that they felt that it was me that would be leaving. Okay, this transfer really must be inspired--but we both thought it would be Sister Cabello leaving. Whatever.

I am excited for the transfer. It will be an exciting new adventure. But I am so nervous. I feel at peace that this is what the Lord wants. This morning in my personal study, I was studying in PMG where I left off in lesson 3, and read several scriptures over faith. They brought me a lot of comfort. I love how Heavenly Father always brings comfort and peace to me through the scriptures. That is something I have a very strong testimony of. I fasted yesterday, and am continually praying that I will have the capabilities to help this new sister learn Spanish and the wonderful people learn about the Gospel and take upon themselves the covenants of baptism. So yeah. That's my week. Eventful huh? Tomorrow I head to the mission office at 5:45 to be there for the trainer meeting at 7, then it's off to Texas. Yee-haw!

Oh, by the way—Have fun in Disneyland. Say hi to Mickey and Pooh Bear for me! I wish I could be there with you, but I’ve got my own exciting adventures that I’m dealing with this week. Pray for me! Have a great week ya'll!

Hermana Good