Monday, August 30, 2010

Horizon, TX, Transfer 9, Week 4

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week has come and gone here in Texas. The weather is cooling down (we actually walked outside the other day to check the mail and it was a little overcast, and we said that it was cold even though the temperatures were in the upper 70s or lower 80s). It was a little bit of a boring week, as any missionary would say after being inside all week due to illness, but we managed.

Monday: It was P-day, but most of it was spent doing service for a family in one of our wards where the mother is dying of cancer. We did see a tornado over Mexico. That was pretty crazy.

Tuesday: Sister Jardine woke up sick with the flu (she'd been feeling a little under-the-weather since Sunday). So we were in all day long. But I FINALLY totally finished cleaning our apartment. I attacked the floors with bleach, and when I got that all cleaned up, pine sol. We can walk in our bathrooms and kitchen without shoes! I also finished scrubbing the tub so we can shower without shoes too!

Wednesday: We were still in sick. One of the Elders called us with a question, and mentioned that he got his birthday package in the mail that day. I got off the phone and was saying to Sister Jardine that I should have a package either that day or the next. As I finished saying that, the mail man ding-dong-ditched us leaving a package on the doorstep for me! With an early Christmas present of a GPS. It's way early, but will do me (and is doing me) good now. And since I'll be home just a few weeks after Christmas, why bother having my family send me anything that I'd just have to send right back because I know that my suitcases are overweight? So I got my Christmas in August.

Thursday: We were still stuck in our apartment. We were starting to go crazy, and it was starting to feel like a prison. That evening the Elders called us and asked what we'd been eating all week. (Haha--leave it to the Elders to think about food). We'd had food to eat, but they said that they were bringing us dinner. And they did. They had one of the sisters in one of our wards make it for us. Spaghetti. It was yummy.

Friday: We were able to go to Coordination, and to one of our appointments. It felt SO good to get out of the house!

Saturday: we did our weekly planning, and went to a couple appointments. There was a stake activity that night (for Pioneer day, though a month late) that we went to. Our ward was in charge of the tug-of-war, and the brother in charge got all the missionaries to do it and said that the sisters had to be involved. That was quite the picture--2 sister missionaries in skirts and all participating in the tug-of-war with all the elders. Yes, I got pictures. Well, i didn't, but I'd given our bishop's wife my camera so she could take pictures of us. I also got another package with cookies. Yummy! And just what we needed. (btw mom, could you send that recipe? I know what they need, and how long and what temperature to bake them at, but I don't remember quantities and those would be yummy to make for district meeting one of these days.)

Sunday: We were out of the apartment all day! And sat through 6 hours of church. But that was okay. On the way home that night, there was a crazy cool lightening storm that totally lit up the whole sky. It was pretty neat.

So that's my week. Very short, I know. But we didn't do that much. Happy reading!

Hermana Good

Here are some pictures from Kira's apartment--before the cleaning. And yes, the kitchen was like that when they arrived!

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