Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Horizon, TX, Transfer 9, Week 5

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, another week has FLOWN by, and it's been a good one. Things are improving in our area. We're starting to find some investigators. Things are looking up!

Monday: It was p-day. We went and practiced "Grande eres Tu" (How Great Thou Art) with a couple of Elders for Zone Conference, and we did our shopping, and we had a lesson with a less active family. It was a good day.

Tuesday: W hat a FABULOUS day! One might say "Best day ever!" We were in appointments all day long, and found a couple of new investigators. It was amazing!

Wednesday: September 1. Do you all know what that means? (Hint: I went into the MTC on July 1). Yup, I officially hit 14 months in the mission. That totally blew me away. I can't believe how fast time is flying. We had Zone Conference. We won cleanest car for car inspections, and were told that they weren't going to check our apartment because they trusted that it was clean--which it was. Oh, and for car inspections, we were showing the elders how to do it, because I guess they've never done them down here. It was great. I'm a girl, and was showing the Elders how to do it, and finished first, even though some of them started before us.

Thursday: We switched drivers. Not because I wanted to or was told that I can't drive any more. I really don't know what to do with myself not driving. But I know from experience that one can learn the area so much better by driving, so I figured that I'd let Sister Jardine drive to learn the area better. It's weird for me to be backing her up. I haven't backed anyone up since my first transfer--and even then I was driving for like half of it! We had some more good lessons, and had one of the Laurels from the Spanish ward come with us for our appointments that evening.

Friday: Cockroaches fallin' on my head (sung to the tune of "Raindrops keep fallin' on my head") You're probably all way grossed out by that. I just laughed. I opened the cupboard in the kitchen, and the downstairs bathroom door that morning, and both times had a cockroach fall on my head. Don't worry--the exterminator will be back tomorrow. We just laugh about the cockroaches now. Congrats to Chad and Leah who were married. It's really weird for me to think that my little cousin is married. Really weird. It was kind of a rough day. Our poor elders are having to put up with two very emotional sisters, bless their hearts. Their advice was to go feed the ducks. To which we responded, "Where are we going to find any ducks?" And then we remembered the golf course out back and the ducks that live in the pond. but we didn't feed them. We also, to switch things up a bit, pulled our mattresses off our beds and had a sleepover on the floor. But by doing that discovered that the squeaky mattress that I thought I had is really a squeaky box spring. Dang it, because until we cleaned out stuff and took it to the dump we had an extra one. Oh well.

Saturday: We had a great day. Another Elder, upon hearing we've been struggling, called us and said that we're like Nephi and should go build a boat. So this week we've been feeding ducks and building boats. (We really were doing much better on Saturday.)

Sunday: We went to church. It marked one year since my first fast and testimony meeting in the field. That day I couldn't understand anything. I had flashbacks to Bernallillo, sitting on the back row of the Relief Society room, next to a recent convert, and totally not understanding anything, but feeling the Spirit more strongly than I ever have in my life. Then I remembered that I used to check my progress with my Spanish based on how much I understood in testimony meetings. I haven't done that in a while. As I thought, I realized that a year ago I never would have imagined myself being where I am today--with my Spanish, with the success I've had, training, let alone on the Mexican boarder. What a year it has been, and I can't wait to see what the next 4 months have in store for me!

That's right, I'm getting down to the wire. I was kinda stressed when I realized that this week, because I still have so much more I want to accomplish, and I don't feel that I've really been the best I could have been. But I have an amazing companion who has helped me a ton! And heck, I've still got 4 great months ahead of me to go out and be the VERY absolute best that I can be and go home with no regrets.

I love you all!

Hermana Good

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