Monday, September 27, 2010

Time is Flying

Dear Family and Friends,

Time is really flying by. And I really realized how little time I have left as I did a survey this morning for the zone conference we're going to have in a couple of weeks with Elder Zivic and had to move a little slider-bar thingy for how many months I've been out and moved it to 15 (because that's where I'll be by the end of the week). It felt like it just kept going and going.

Anyway, on to my week!

Tuesday: It was p-day because of the temple trip, but we did have a couple of appointments. We were able to clean our apartment. We had an appointment that evening with the Soto family, who accepted a baptismal date, so that was exciting! I think I talked about how we found them last week, if not, ask me for more details and I'll fill ya'll in. We went to the church that evening for our missionary coordination meeting with the Spanish ward, and the Primary all sang to us "I Hope they Call Me On a Mission"--but in Spanish. It was pretty cool. Then they gave us a bunch of food--cereal, bread, peanut butter, lunch meat, ramen, cookies, juice--just because. It was so sweet! All 3 companionships got a ton of food!

Wednesday: It was kinda rainy. We went and did service for the McDermed family to help them get ready for the funeral of Sister McDermed.

Thursday: We had district meeting. We needed to leave early, because Sister McDermed's funeral was that afternoon, and they had asked Sister Jardine and I to sing for the funeral. It was a beautiful service celebrating her life. She is definitely in a better place now, and free of pain and suffering.

Friday: We had weekly planning, then coordination like we do every Friday. But this week, when I went to put on my shoes, I felt something rather LARGE wiggling around by my toes. I screamed my Spider Scream (which doesn't come out very often because normally I just kill them and it's done) and kicked my shoe off. A GIANT Brown Recluse came running out of my shoe. Seriously--the body was over an inch long, and then with the legs... Yikes. We're being haunted because we baked Bob the Tarantula. Then I chased it down and killed it, after I slowed it down by spraying it with cockroach Raid. At coordination, we planned a service project to do for the English ward--we're all pretty excited.

Saturday: We went down to Fabens because they asked me to play the piano at the baptism they had. Then we went to the Relief Society Broadcast. It was so good! There were lots of good points that stood out to me. I also had a flashback to last year--3 weeks in the field. I was super homesick, and couldn't understand Spanish, but we had to watch it in Spanish. I sat there and sobbed clear through the whole thing. This year we were able to watch it in English because we didn't have any Spanish investigators there, but even if we had to, I would have been able to understand.

Sunday: We went to Church. We were able to set another baptismal date with another new investigator, Rosa. Also--another sad point that made me realize that my time is drawing short-- Sister Jardine and I flip-flopped. She now has more time in the mission than I have left. Que Triste!

So yeah, that's my week. Nothing super exciting happened. Okay, other than setting 6 baptismal dates. The bishop was super shocked when we told him. We're actually getting somewhere now! It's going to be a great month!

Love you all!

Hermana Good

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