Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Break Adventures!

A Photo Blog of the Good Family Summer Adventures 2011

Mom and Dad surprised us with tickets to see the Lion King (Broadway Version)! It was breath-taking!
We saw the Bellagio Water Show

I had my first experience eating at an In-N-Out Burger Joint
Next Stop:
The girls and their fancy feet!

Soaking after a run on Grizzly River Run

We're late, we're late! For a Very important date!
Getting ready to Splash on Splash Mountain!

Taking a nap on the Tower of Terror

Beach Bums!

Eating at the Rainforest Cafe
One of the first families I met in El Paso, the Gonzales family! LOVE THEM!

With the Garcia girls!

Las Hermanas! They sure know how to make an old sister miss the mission!

Bishop Zuniga and his family

Enjoying a Texas-sized (jaja) waffle in the morning!

The view of Juarez from the freeway

McDermed/Longoria family!

Then we hit up Carlsbad and went 7 stories underground to enjoy the beauty of the cave


And Fernanda!
Gonzalez family!

Yeoman family!

The beautiful Albuquerque temple!

Enjoying a slice of Dion's Pepperoni-Jalapeno Pizza! My favorite!

We stopped in at the mission office and ran into Sister Barello! I remember when she came out...and now I've been home for 7 months and she's almost ready to go home herself!

Sister Short in the office--the only office sister I still know

My dear friend and trainer, Sister Michel...Poulette
My old roommate Magaly and her family now live in Albuquerque so I got to see them too!

If you saw a giant chile-pepper apron clad teddy bear, I don't think you'd be able to resist giving him a big kiss either!

We went into this old Catholic Cathedral. It was beautiful!

With my boyfriend! Isn't he a hottie?

We drove down part of the Historic Route 66

And enjoyed good, old fashioned milkshakes

Gloria! I was with her when she went through the temple for the first time!

Magda and I having fun! She told me that since I haven't yet found a boyfriend, she's going to have to go back to Venezuela and bring one back for me

The New Mexico Flag
Sister Swartz

Marquez family! They were like my 2nd family!

Brother and Sister Edwards

Riding the Sandia Tram: The world's longest aerial tramway

Standing in 4 states at once (or at least would be if this were actually on-site of the 4 corners...) but my right heel is in my favorite state (New Mexico!)

With Bishop Decker and his family

With Gabbi and Juan. I was there for her baptism, and he started taking the lessons and was baptized shortly after I was transferred out of the area. They have plans to go to the temple in the very near future! I can't wait!!
With the Renteria family!
With Trena and Angela Decker
Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde

Driving through the Utah Desert

This is the school where I'll be doing my student teaching...and it stretches out just as far on the other side of the entrance! It's huge! But I'm super excited!