Thursday, July 2, 2009


Kira is officially on her mission! She was set apart on June 30 (her birthday)--that was neat. We got up early on Wednesday to head to Provo and the MTC. The drive was somewhat quiet. We ate at Chili's before heading up the road. We were able to park across the street from the MTC to take pictures and say our goodbyes. We also took pictures in front of the Missionary Training Center before loading up in the car to take her across the street. As soon as we pulled in, elders were opening up our car doors and pulling out her luggage. And she was off on her mission. Though we have our moments of tears, she is where she is supposed to be. We know she will be an awesome missionary. We are proud of her! We will post her e-mails as we receive them.

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  1. Thank you I really appreciate it I love being updated on people's missions. Its really a great experience!