Monday, July 6, 2009

1st letter

Here is Hermana Good's first letter, written the day she entered the MTC.


Dear Family,

It has been a crazy day, but I love it so much. The Spirit is so amazing. I haven't been able to stop smiling. My dorm isn't too much bigger than my bedroom at home. There are 6 hermanas. Two of them were already here. The other 3 new ones are going to Argentina. My companion is Hermana Waldroup from West Jordan. She is going to USU and is an El Ed major. She is the 3rd of 10 kids. We will get along really well. Oh yeah. I had to get a tetanus shot. We had to have one in the past 5 years and mine was 6 years ago. In my district there is one other elder going to NM Abq. Half of our zone is new today. Our branch presidency is super excited because we've doubled. (Zone/branch are interchangable.) Well, our meeting ran late & its almost lights out & I still have to write in my journal. I love you all. I love it here. It's going to be great. P-day is Wednesday so you'll get an e-mail sometime then.

Love, Hermana Good

PS I do need a key ring & I was an airhead & didn't grab my flip-flops. And I saw Elder McRae (her cousin) before 2:00, & a few other Sisters I know from school.

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