Saturday, March 19, 2011

2 Months Have Come and Gone

Wow! Today marks 2 months since I left Albuquerque. 2 months since I saw my family for the first time in over 18 months. 2 months since I took off my nametag and became Kira again. They haven't been easy, but I have certainly seen MANY blessings! And I marked today with a celebration!

Actually...I was a tag-along. With my little sister. You normally hear about younger siblings tagging along with older siblings and their friends. Tonight was the opposite. But they were good sports about it and let me hang out with them--for which I was VERY grateful! And I did have a good time. It didn't seem like I was hanging out with my little sister. I was with a group of friends. And I didn't even know two of them!

We went up to Rexburg and to Best of Guitars Unplugged. Then we went to Arctic Circle...that was an adventure. Then we went and introduced Kesha and one of her other friends to the Haunted Swingset. Yep. We had a great time. Talking and laughing. Well...okay. I mostly just listened. I kinda felt like a 3rd wheel...especially since I kinda invited myself along on this little outing. But I just couldn't handle the thought of sitting home while my sister was off doing something I've missed: going to activities on campus! And they were all good sports about it, and at least didn't seem annoyed that I was there.

Overall, it's not horrible being home. But I sure can't wait to get back to school again and really jump back into life.

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