Saturday, March 5, 2011

Getting there...

So Thursday night I went out to dinner with some amazing friends I had from the mission. It was so fun and so needed. I hadn't gone out and done anything socially in 2 weeks. Yeah, I'm pretty lame. I don't get out and do anything socially. the same time I've spent so much time with my family. It's been great.

But Friday I spent the day in Rexburg. I initially went up to find out how I did on the RM Spanish tests (for anyone who cares, I passed 2 of the 3 with flying colors...good thing I didn't need to pass all 3 for the minor I'm petitioning for, just one!) I also did what I needed to do to turn in the petition for my minor. I am praying that it will be approved when it goes to committee. (I'll find out in 2-4 weeks). I feel good about that whole thing, and know that whatever happens is supposed to happen.

After that I meandered around campus for a bit. I figured I should probably reacquaint myself with campus since I'll be back up there in like 6 weeks. And it's changed a TON since I was there last. So up and down the hill I went. I hadn't done that much walking in...well, at least 6 weeks. I do a lot of standing around for my job and running up and down stairs, but that's about it. Anyway, my meandering around campus included a visit to the Spori Art Gallery, where I saw the Interior Design students' senior projects. One of my good friends, Lindsay, had her project on display. After that I met up with her and had a great visit.

Then I went to Jill's apartment. We went to dinner, then went back and watched Madagascar 2. It was just like old times...sitting watching a movie on Friday nights. But after the movie...we went Latin Dancing! Duh! What did I ALWAYS do on Friday nights before the mission? And I think I have even more of a passion for it now than I did then, because of my much greater love for the Hispanic culture. Anyway...I had a blast! I danced lots. I had some good conversations, including some in Spanish. One of the guys I danced with even hugged me (for those who don't know, the Hispanic people are, for the most part,very...cómo se dice en íngles...idk. touchy-feeley. That's not it, but yeah. You get the idea.) Anyway, back to the hug...I didn't flinch, and the guy was practically a stranger! Yeah, I was quite proud of myself. And later on, I even asked a guy to dance. Yeah, that took some gumption por parte mía, pero I had to do it because I knew that if I didn't I'd never get over the fear I have of boys. Because, quite frankly, I have been afraid, well, not afraid, but not comfortable, with boys. I've been on missionary terms for too long. I need to get back to normal life. I'm not saying that I'm ready to run off and find me a boyfriend, but it would be nice to go out and meet a guy or two. And is it so wrong to want to dress up and go out?

I'm not saying by this that I am, in any way, shape, or form, "normal" yet. I still have a long way to go. But every little bit helps. I'm ready to start going on with my life. I've been home for 6 weeks now. I've talked with a couple of people I served with who came home this transfer. It's weird to think that more missionaries I served with are getting home. Hermana Cabello, the first sister I trained, gets home in less than 6 weeks now. That is really weird. Yes, I'm still connected to the mission. Very connected. I think about it every day, and talk to people I met almost every day. And I've decided that it is time for me to get back into life. Not to forget about the mission, or to just pick up where I left off, but to start fresh. After all, I am a "new" person. I need to go out and do things that will continue helping me find out who I really am. And I know that everything will work out exactly as it's supposed to.

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