Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summer Job

I started my summer job on Saturday at Mrs. Powell's. We have the most amazing cinnamon rolls you will probably ever taste (sorry Jill. They're even better than yours). I think it will be fun. So far I like the people I work with. And there's perks. I get a free cinnamon roll every time I work. So lets see... I work 4 nights this week. Oh man, I'm gonna get fat! Saturday I worked, was it 5-close? I think so. Today I worked 12-4:30 and 5:30-close. Yeah, that was a long day. But it really didn't seem that long. There was plenty to do, and I've pretty much got the hang of what is going on over in the bakery. Tomorrow I'll get to learn how to do things over in The Pantry, which is a sit-down restaurant. Goody. I work 4:30-close. Yeah, I know. Close, close, close. I knew what I was getting myself into when I was hired though. I knew that they were looking for someone to work the night shift when I applied. Every day I work this week I work the closing shift. So there's always lots of cleaning to do. I washed dishes for 45 minutes straight right before closing tonight, and I'd washed them, or at least helped put them away at least 4 other times during my shift. We go through lots of pans because we go through lots of cinnamon rolls. Yummy! Yeah, I'm gonna like my job, but I'm gonna have to really start exercising so I don't gain weight. My goal is to LOSE some before I leave on my mission... but that probably won't happen. So long as I can still fit into the clothes I have/ will be getting in the near future when I leave in 2 months it will be all good.

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