Friday, May 1, 2009

Update and such

Well, my life has been pretty boring for the past three weeks. I get up, do a little around the house or run errands with mom, and go to work, come home and go to bed. Yep, that's my life. Pretty exciting, huh? But I am really enjoying my job. It is a lot of fun and I've made some friends, which always helps. Actually it helps a lot. I've got the hang of everything, and have actually been training a new girl the past couple of days. Work is usually the same old, same old. I generally wait tables during the dinner rush and spend the rest of my time doing dishes. Last Friday was absolutely insane! It was actually the first day we've been busy, though I'll admit, it was kinda nice. Last night was insane too! We closed at 9, but didn't get out of there until 10, and still left half of the closing list undone because we just didn't have time to do it all! Tonight was rather interesting. Around 3 the cook came to me and said that he had to leave at 7, and that he was leaving me in charge of the food. Okay, so I freaked out. To be honest, everything is already made and just has to be served. Usually I take the orders then make the salads while he dresses the plates and dishes them up then I take them out to the people. I got this down! Then when the tables leave, I clear the tables and we call it good. Well, tonight, I did it all. I poured the water. I took the orders. I answered the questions. I made the salads and served them. I dressed the plates. I dished up the food. I served the food. I checked on my tables. I cleared the dishes. I wiped the tables. I even cooked more noodles for the fettuccine. Heck, I even answered the phone a time or two. I was running 90 miles an hour, and did it all by myself. Okay, so I did get a little bit of help a time or two from one of the girls I work with, but I did most of it! Needless to say, I was glad when 9:00 rolled around so I could come home, because they had even called me in early today! It was crazy all day long.

Lets see... what else have I been up to. Not much, that's for sure. I've spent a lot of time with my family. The past few summers, I've jumped at every opportunity to go out and do things with my friends. This summer, the only time I see my friends is at church on Sunday--and only those who go to the branch. I haven't seen anyone else.

Mom and I have most of my shopping for my mission done. I've got all my clothes and my 2 pair of shoes. Finding long skirts this time of year is quite the challenge. Good thing i already had 2. Well, and I do want a dress, but missionary-appropriate dresses this time of year are extinct. At least here in IF. We're going to go look at fabric and patterns tomorrow and may make one. Or maybe we'll make a trip to Orem to visit the Sister Missionary Mall. Who knows. Now it's just a matter of getting the small things. And luggage. We're trying to find a good quality set of luggage i can take with me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I went through the temple last Saturday. The Spirit was so strong, which made for a wonderful experience. Afterward, Mom and Dad took us out to eat at Red Robin. I got the Santa Fe burger... in honor of my mission (Santa Fe, NM is in my mission). Okay, not really. I wasn't even thinking of that until after I'd ordered and someone mentioned it. I just thought it sounded tasty, and it was.

On Sunday I was given a calling in the branch, and I am SO excited for it! I'm one of the Gospel Doctrine instructors! That's what I was all year up at school, and totally loved it! I just feel at home in front of a class. I need to finish up my lesson tomorrow, because I'm teaching on Sunday.

So yep. There's my life in a nutshell. Not extremely exciting. Well, I guess I can say that I'm hoping that I don't die. I had a cold a month ago... right before finals. I was literally sick in bed. That cold lasted for about a week then I was fine for about a week, then this cough hit. And it's only gotten worse. It's to the point that I can't even sleep at night because I'm coughing so much. And the minute I lay down it gets worse. I woke up around 4:00 this morning because I couldn't breathe because of this cough! SO annoying! Anyway, I went in to the doctor today and he said that my lungs sound fine and that I've probably got a viral bronchitis. Oh joy. I just have to let this one run its course. He did give me an inhaler and said that it may help, so we'll see on that one. For now I'm living on water and cough drops.

Oh yeah! I was able to go up to Rexburg Wednesday afternoon so I could take care of my mission deferment. Then I was able to see a bunch of my friends, which was fun. Jamie, Leeann, Britani and I went to Subway for dinner. It was pretty tasty! That night Brit and I went country dancing, and I had a blast! It was such a good night! I actually lost track of how many times I danced, which is rare for me. I way needed it. I'm hoping I'll be able to make it up there one more time before I leave on my mission, but we'll see what life brings.

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