Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So I'm sitting here and I'm in pain. More pain than I've been in in a long time actually. Don't ask me what I did to myself, because I don't know. All I know is that I woke up in the middle of the night trying to roll over and completely unable to because of an intense pain shooting through my back. I couldn't move. I was supposed to work an 8 hour shift today, but instead I went to the doctor and got some anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers and spent the day pretty much sitting here in this chair. And with the way things are looking I'm going to have to call in again tomorrow and lose another 8 hour shift. That just kills me. Losing out on 16 hours of pay... that's a lot of money, especially when I've only got 3 more weeks to work after this one before I leave on my mission. Oh well. Some things can't be avoided.

Wrestling with his tiger
Trying to help wash the car
I just love that face! This is after his bath, and he looks highly annoyed, doesn't he?

On to happier thoughts. Our puppy is absolutely adorable and hilarious. I've taken so many pictures of that little fur-ball! Last Wednesday night I was taking pictures of him and tripped over him while my camera was in my hand and it went flying and needless to say, I have a new camera. Mom and Dad knew I wanted one before I went on my mission, so they had one to give me for my birthday, just a few days early in time for my farewell, but I've been using it and LOVE it! I HATED my old camera with a passion. This one actually has sound with the videos, a feature I've quite been enjoying. Most of my time when I'm not working is spent outside playing with the puppy and it's been so fun! I've really missed out for the past 21 years of my life not having a dog. And now, right when we get one, I'm leaving for 18 months. How sad. Maybe that's why I'm taking so many pictures and videos now...not that I'll be able to take most of them with me anyway.


  1. I am so sorry about your pain! I hope that it goes away soon! By the by what is your puppy's name?

  2. My back is feeling somewhat better today. It just kills me that I'm missing so much work. I was supposed to work long days this week. Oh well. Such is life. The puppy's name is Bear.

  3. Ouch!!!! Back pain is the worst! It is like your whole body freezes up. I hope you set up and at it again soon. Do not let this set back depress you. I understand the need for every hour you can work, but you have to look at it as, "can I go to work" no?, then why be upset?" The Lord always rewards us for our righteous efforts.
    Bear is a hoot! Max is nuts over the sprinkler. He goes a wee bit crazy when there is water shooting out of somewhere, hose, sprinkler, etc. My neighbor thinks it is a hoot to spray through the fence just to watch Max try to jump and catch the water. He is funny. Bath time is successful only if I praise him the whole time, especially the brushing/combing out phase. Have fun while it lasts.