Saturday, April 4, 2009

On It's Way

You have to love technology. Because mission papers are all done online, Bishops can check the status of mission calls, and well, you guessed it. Mine has been issued. As of Thursday, actually. My mission call is on its way and will be here on Wednesday or Thursday! As you can imagine, I am going out of my mind! I have finals this week and was hoping that I wouldn't find out that it was coming until it was here, because I'll be done with my finals at 10:00 Wednesday morning. I was talking about that to Jamie and Jill no more than a minute before dad called me to tell me that it's on it's way. So much for that plan. Now I get to sit here all week and wonder where I'm going and when I'm leaving. But I'm so super excited! This is something I have been looking forward to for five months now, and it's finally time! And it will be here before the end of the semester so I can tell all of my friends up here before we all leave for the semester and I have to say goodbye to everyone. Actually, that thought makes me sad, so we're not going to think about it. Keep your eyes peeled to find out where the Lord has called me to serve!

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  1. Wahoo! Yahoo! yippee! this is so exciting! I cannot wait to see where you will be serving. According the the statistics there are 348 missions to choose from. It is so cool! That is fast too. Usually if there is a delay if papers are sent in around Conference time. Just take time to breath now and get through finals. Don't think of saying goodbye. Just think of all the "hello's " you will be getting to say. I am so excited for you!!! Love Aunt Me