Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Waiting, not so patiently

So there was a slight, very slight, chance that my mission call would come today. I thought I was going crazy yesterday. I went on a nice long walk, then came home and started scrubbing the stove for white glove. 3 hours later, the top of the stove was up to white glove standards. Okay, so I probably could have spent less time, but the drip pans were disgusting! But hey, it looks pretty good now. Again, I hardly slept last night. I stayed up late studying for my World Civ final, for which I got to class this morning only to find out that it was optional. We could take our current test average, or take the final to try to improve it. Well, I figured that since I had studied and actually put forth some effort for this test I might as well take it to see if I could improve my average at all. So we'll see how I did. And I took my final in Science Methods. I was done with my finals by 10:00 this morning. I was able to get my scripture study done during my breaks, which was nice. But I was going absolutely crazy because of the slight chance that my call could come today. I couldn't hold still! My foot was shaking or my leg was bouncing or I was clicking my pen! I was driving myself nuts! My friends just laughed at me. I'd get a text message and freak out because it could be mom calling to say that it's here. And I'd tell my friends to STOP texting me, and they'd just tell everyone they saw who knows me to text me because they thought it would be funny. Not so much. Oh boy you should have seen me freak out when my phone rang and it was mom. BAAA! But she was just calling to say that it didn't arrive today. Bummer. But on the bright side, my shaking stopped and I was able to focus! But it'll be here tomorrow, and I'm still going crazy! I have to keep myself busy, and am completely done with everything I had to do this semester. So, I'll spend the rest of the day white-gloving the kitchen, and yes, I'll probably end up doing Jill's jobs too, but I have to stay busy or my roommates are going to hate me, and it's not nice out today so I can't run away! Cleaning, here I come!


  1. AH! I was all nervous reading this! lol I can't wait to hear where your going!

  2. Dearest Kira,
    We as your friends will do our best to txt you tomorrow. Yes, just to drive you crazy:) But really, if I don't hear from you right away, you don't want to know what would happen...

  3. I can't wait to hear where I'm going either! And Jamie Ann Moon, you better watch out! I may completely silence my phone just to spite you, or at least turn of the vibrator on my texts. I'll let you know when I'm on my way back up here and you can join us when I announce it to my roommates and FHE group, or those who will be left anyway...