Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I knew it would happen sooner or later...

It's been a decent week. I've been somewhat productive. Not as much as I maybe should have been, but enough to get by. Well, I woke up yesterday and my nose was a little stuffy and as the day progressed my eyes started to get itchy. I passed it off as allergies. Duh, it's spring! But throughout today as my nose has gotten worse and my head has been pounding and I can hardly see out of my left eye, I'm pretty sure I've got a cold. Great. Right during crunch time. Just my luck, right? I came home from class today and crashed for about 2 1/2 hours, and fully plan on going to bed early tonight. It's a good thing I was selfish and wanted to go dancing so said that I couldn't start work this week, because today is the only day I could have worked. Well, needless to say, I'm not going dancing. Bummer, 'cause it's the last week and would have been free. Then again, it's really kinda sucked this semester, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise. I'll just stay home and maybe do some homework, but maybe not because 2 of my classes were canceled today so I've had lots of homework time already. I should do some, but my eye is really bugging me because of this stupid cold and it feels so much better to just lie down. I suppose I could take some quizzes online for my World Civ class and get those over with and out of the way. We'll see.

Anyway, as to the title of this blog... I had to take my computer with me today which makes my bag really heavy so I didn't want to walk up to the Hinckley, not to mention I really didn't feel well, so I decided to drive up there. I was backing out of my parking spot, which was a little closer to the dumpster than I thought it was. I heard a *thud* and was like "Oh crap. I just hit a car. What a way to start my day." I got out of my car and realized that I only hit the dumpster, and it was only my tail light that was damaged. Phew! Talk about luck. Okay, you're probably thinking I'm crazy for thinking I'm lucky that I hurt my car. After all, that car is my baby--has been since I got her last June. I'm looking at it in a positive light saying at least it wasn't the body of my car that was damaged or another car that I hit. The tail light will probably be the cheapest thing to fix on my car, and the dumpster certainly wasn't hurt. So yes, I'm lucky. Though as I think about it, at the speed I was going, hitting another car probably would have done less damage, but whatever.


  1. Well I hope that your tail light doesnt cost too much, Jeff's had to fix his and cost him about a good $450! For one!!!! But then again he has a Camero and everything on that car is extremely expensive... So yours probably wont be nearly as bad.

  2. Oh don't you worry. My box of Nyquil is sitting by my bed, and my box of Dayquil isn't far from it :) I can actually breathe today!