Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Official!

Well, I met with President Stuart this afternoon, and my papers are in! It's just a matter of weeks now before I find out where I'm called to serve! Any predictions of where I'll be called?


  1. Scott says that you will be called to Western Europe (Spain,Portugal,France or Itlay), Jodi thinks South America. Good luck on the wait until you find out. And Congratulations to you for making this big decision in your life!!!

  2. Wow! thats crazy awesome! Holy cow! If you go to Italy or England I'll be super jealous! My mom went to England! Oh I got to tell my mom she'll be super excited for ya!

  3. Good for you, but a little frustrating that I've been waiting for a month for that ONE, FINAL INTERVIEW. Now you will get your call before me!