Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mission Update

Well, I called this morning to get the rest of my appointments for my mission set up. So it looks like I'm well on my way to submitting my papers. I actually got all of the paperwork filled out over the weekend, so it really is just my appointments that I'm waiting on. I should be able to meet with my Bishop and Stake President next Sunday and my papers should be submitted by the end of the month. This is so crazy to think of. I still don't know if it seems real that I'm actually going on a mission. I'll have my call in just a few weeks... Likely no more than 4. I'm excited!

They say that it's better late than never. There has been some contention in my apartment with one of my roommates... and unfortunately I have been one of the contributors. Our lesson in Relief Society this week was on being a peacemaker. All of the other girls were talking about how close their apartments were. My roommates and I hung our heads and just listened because we had nothing to contribute. We got home from church and talked about how much like scum we felt. Well, before we went to bed we resolved things. We decided to start having apartment prayer every day, hence the "better late than never" because we'll be done in less than a month. The Spirit that has been felt in our apartment the past few days has been so nice though. We're friends and don't hate each other! That is such a nice feeling!

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