Saturday, March 28, 2009


It has been a good week. My interview at Mrs. Powell's on Wednesday went well. Audra called me this morning and said that they would like to hire me. I need to take my schedule for next week in sometime so I can let them know when I'm available the week after. They kinda wanted me to start this week, but I have something for school every night this week. I'll be able to work every night other than Monday the week after... but I'm going to say that I can't work on Thursday, just in case something comes in the mail. I may work Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights that week though. I am excited to start my new job, and pray that I'll be able to find a second job as well. Mrs. Powell's wants me to work nights, so I'm really hoping that I'll be able to find a job as a substitute teacher as well. That would give me some really good experience and give me a shoe-in above other candidates when I'm applying for a job after I graduate.

I met with Bishop Larson Wednesday night to finish up my papers. I have an appointment with President Stuart tomorrow afternoon. After that my papers will go in and I'll just be playing the waiting game. That is so exciting! It was five months ago today that I decided to go on a mission. Looking back at the past five months, they have been so good. I have learned so much and have grown in ways that I know I couldn't have if I weren't going on a mission.

Kesha came up with me Thursday morning and has spent the weekend with me. She went to my classes with me, and we took her Latin Dancing last night. That's right, I took my almost 17 year old sister dancing with college boys. Mom's probably not going to appreciate it too much, but we really enjoyed ourselves. It's been fun showing her the ropes of going to college since I won't be here next year when she really is getting ready to go away. It has been so fun spending time with her. We have gotten so much closer since I moved away to college. She really is one of my best friends... my little sister who drove me crazy just a few years ago. She is so beautiful and fun. I'm really going to miss her while I'm on my mission, but know that it will help us grow closer.

This morning we went up to the temple and did baptisms for the dead. We had about a 3 hour wait, but it was so wonderful to be able to just sit in the temple and think about my life, my love for my Savior, and how much His sacrifice of the Atonement means to me. I spent the time waiting reading my scriptures. It was such a good experience. And it really meant a lot to me to attend the temple with my sister.

After we left, I introduced her to the Cocoa Bean. I've created a monster! That was her deciding factor to come up here for sure. Okay, not really. She's known that this is where she wants to come to school for a long time, but really was in heaven when she tasted her Irish Carmanilla Cocoa Bean and Better Than Whatever cupcake. Actually, we both got a cupcake and split them, so she also tasted a Turtle cupcake. They were yummy! That was my birthday present to her, and she was perfectly fine with that. So was I, 'cause I'm poor.

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