Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Starting to realize how real it is...

Well, I've been saying that it still doesn't seem real that I'm going on a mission. Yeah I'd started on my paperwork and knew that the time was quickly approaching that I'd be turning my papers in. But it still didn't seem real. I've changed my mind. I went today and had my doctor and dentist appointments taken care of. That's when it hit me. I'm going on a mission. And I'm starting to freak out like I did about 5 months ago when I had that feeling that I need to go. I've been totally unproductive, which isn't a good thing this close to finals. Yeah. But I've got my appointment with Bishop Larson tomorrow night. I'll go back to the doctor to get the results from my lab work on Thursday morning. My papers will then go to President Stuart and I'll meet with him on Sunday. So in less than a week I'll be playing the waiting game. For those who read this, any guesses as to where I'll be sent?

So after I calmed down a bit last Friday morning, I talked to my professor about my test and grade in World Civ. He pretty much gave me a run down of what's going to be covered on the next test and said that if I do the extra credit that I should be able to pull out of the class with at least a B-. That certainly made my day. I thought for sure that the best grade I'd get would be a C, and that would be pushing it. So I'll be doing some extra credit assignments but hopefully able to pull out of the class with a better grade than I was expecting.

Well, being the practical thinker that I am and always staying on the ball, I've started applying for jobs. I normally wouldn't really care about starting to look this soon before I get out of school (in 17 days now... counting weekends... oh crap) Anyway... I really need a job so I can earn money for my mission. Last Wednesday I put on my facebook status that I was looking for a job and that if anyone knew about any place that was hiring to let me know. Not 2 minutes after I posted that, I got a text from a friend asking if I'm looking for a job. She works at Mrs. Powell's (they sell cinnamon rolls and other yummies)and said that they were hiring. I was going home on Friday to go to the David Archuleta concert with Kesha so I took in a resume and filled out an application. Well, I was pulling out of the driveway to come back up here this morning and my phone rang, and well, I have an interview tomorrow at 4:00. I really hope they'll let me wait to start until after school gets out if they hire me because I can only work nights right now anyway and the way my life is so crazy I don't really have time to work. Though if they need me to start now I can be flexible. I just won't sleep at all. But being positive, at least I have an interview. I had a feeling in mission prep last Wednesday that if I start looking for jobs I'll be blessed. I'm kinda hoping to get a job as a substitute as well so I can work 2 jobs and earn more money to put away for my mission, since I've only got 2 months to earn anything. I have the faith that Heavenly Father will bless me because I am doing the right thing by going on a mission. He will take care of me.

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