Friday, February 6, 2009


So it's Friday. The end of the week, the start of the weekend. But it has been such a MONDAY and I can hardly stand it! The day started out fine. I actually got out of bed after snoozing my alarm only twice, my hair worked, I was wearing my favorite jeans, I looked cute, I had time for a good breakfast, not to mention that it's Friday. What could get better than that? Then I opened the door. There was a skiff of snow on the ground. I don't care so much about the snow. It was only to be expected. It's February in Idaho for crying out loud! But it was just enough snow to cover the ice in the parking lot and I wasn't exactly wearing practical shoes, because after all, I was feeling cute this morning. I cautiously made it across the parking lot and across the street and headed on up to the Ricks for World Civ. Well, no more than five minutes after I left my apartment I stepped on a rock. Just a little one though. Yes, the rock is fine in case you were wondering. I, on the other hand, am not fine. No, I didn't get hurt. But I did trip and fall. And of course the sidewalk is covered with MUD. Did I mention that I was wearing my favorite jeans and that I just did laundry? So they were covered in mud. But if I went home to change I would have been late to class... not that I wanted to go anyway. I went to class and sat there trying to rub the muck off my legs, and mostly succeeded so I didn't have to come home and change after class got out and could go sit and study for the Special Ed Law Exam I had today. When i got out of choir, it was snowing, but with the size of the flakes and the way the wind was blowing it felt like hail. I had more than one flake fly into my eye while I was hurrying back to the Hinckley. I had studied for my test and felt totally fine about it. I'll find out next week how I did. I got done with my test and headed down to my art methods lab. The lab was already open so I was able to go in and get to work. I actually finished my project today, thank goodness, and had my camera with me so I could take a picture of that and the mask I finished last week so they could go in my portfolio. But of course BOTH sets of batteries were dead. So I'm going to have to remember to take my camera with me again next week and make another trip to get the pictures developed. After I got out of that class, I had to go to the library to work on a presentation with a group. We're starting our presentation next Thursday and have three days. Although I'll be COMPLETELY done with the class except for showing up after February 19, I am so extremely stressed right now. Three of the girls in my group are totally fine to work with. But the other one... she drives me CRAZY! She is such a perfectionist and is so meticulous about everything. I can't take it! We accomplished less in the 2 1/2 hours we were at the library than I will get done in at most an hour tonight on my own. So the plan for this weekend is to: a) hope that the rest of the weekend isn't a Monday, b) go have some fun tonight because there will be NO fun for me tomorrow, c) get the project done and d) prepare my Gospel Doctrine lesson so I can come home from church on Sunday and crash before my week starts all over again.

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