Friday, July 1, 2011

One year older and...crazier too!

So today started out as any other normal day this semester. I got up early, went to class. I did go to lunch with Brett which was fun. Then I went to another class, ran home and got the stuff for a presentation, finished putting it together with my partner, then sat through another class and a study group. "Some birthday" I was thinking.

Then I came home. The door was locked. Perfect. My hands were full. I was tired. I was cranky. AND my roommates had my locked out of my house. I knew they were home because I could smell the pizza cooking. Honestly, I wanted to cry. I fumbled for my keys and everything went flying. And when I finally got the door unlocked it appeared as though no one was even there! My one roommate who was home was in the bathroom. Like I said..."Some birthday."

Of course, they HAD gone to the trouble of getting stuff to decorate the living room with. Streamers and balloons. I go back to my room and drop my stuff on my bed. Then go about finishing dinner. But all my roommates were able to join us for dinner. That was fun. And then they took me to TwizlBerry where we were met by some other friends (they give a free frozen yogurt if it's your birthday). There they have an X-Box Kinect...a video game you totally control with your body and dance in front of. Kesha and Christy got up and started dancing. Then Flo, one of my neighbors talked me into doing it with her. I have NEVER done anything like that...let alone in public! But I did it. And ya know what? I had fun!

Now...even better. My dear roommates my freshman year, Hilary, Jamie, Megan, and Nicole put forth a very good effort to try to get me to do the "Tunak Tunak" dance with them. But back then I had a VERY large bubble...more like a turtle shell. If I felt in the least bit uncomfortable, I pulled my head inside my shell and hid from the world. I wouldn't do it. I spent lots of time behind the camera laughing. I admit...deep down inside, I always wished I could dance with them, because it did look like fun, but I just didn't have the self-confidence to do so. Well, today my sister pulled out her computer and was like "You guys HAVE to check out this video!" As soon as I saw what it was, I was like "YES!!!" And I totally started gettin' my groove on. One of my roommates got part of it on video.

Oh gosh...what HAVE I turned into???

I don't know, but whatever it is, I like it!

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