Friday, July 15, 2011

Family, Fun, and the Fourth of July

Yes, I realize that the Fourth was now like a week and a half ago. Sorry. I've been busy trying to survive finals. And I think I'm gonna make it. Just maybe. If I can survive through Wednesday, well, this weekend even, it'll be free sailing.

Anyway, over the Fourth both of Dad's sisters and one of his brothers, as well as his mom and her sister came to town and we had a family reunion. It was so good to see them all again, as I'd only seen my dad's brother and one of his sister's boys since getting home 6 months ago. We started out at the water park in Pocatello where we spent Saturday. It was a nice, relaxing day! On Sunday we went to church, and otherwise just enjoyed each others' company. We also went to the temple visitor's center and walked around the temple ground
s, both in Rexburg and IF. It was great to be able to just sit around and talk and get to know each other again.

But Monday...oh boy was that a great day! We got up early and went to the parade (I wasn't going to go because sleep just sounded so much better, but how can you resist your little cousin when she says "But Kira, the whole hot-diggity-dog family's gonna be there!"). It was actually really enjoyable. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride at being an American, and as the floats and army trucks with soldiers went past us, I couldn't help but cry. What a wonderful thing they've done for our country! That afternoon, we played some "A Minute to Win It" games,

and took family pictures (classic of every family reunion, right?). And we had a BBQ. Good 'ol American hot dogs and hamburgers. Tasty! After that we headed to the park to launch water balloons. I must say, I got the best shot...hitting my cousin squarely in the chest...without aiming or anything! From there we headed to the fireworks. Wow! I don't think I realized how great it is to be home until I was sitting there watching the fireworks. It's been 3 years since I've seen the fireworks in IF. And it was wonderful. I know that I'm a big boob, but I sat there and cried through the whole thing. When they were over, we said goodbye to one of my dad's sisters and headed home. Early the next morning we came back up to Rexburg, and back to reality.

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