Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Missionary Moments

I know, I know. I've been talking almost non-stop about the mission. And y'all are probably getting bored with reading about it (if anyone even reads my blog...but who knows). But I had a really neat experience at work tonight that made me remember how much I miss being a missionary.

It was 7:00. I was literally turning to walk over to the light switch because it was closing time, when the door opened. I hate it when that happens...and tonight was no different. A man in his 50s walked in, and I put on my "customer service" smile ( of the ladies I work with told me that the other day she had a lady ask if Kira was there because "she gave such great service last time and was so helpful." That sure made my day) Anyway...back to the story. I put on my customer service smile and asked if I could help him find anything specific.

This man said that he was looking for a Bible. And Bibles we have. So as I led him to the Bibles, while simultaneously asking if he wanted just a Bible or a Quad. He was like "Wait. This is a foreign language to me." At that moment I smelled the faint hint of cigarette smoke and realized that he wasn't a member. So I instantly went into missionary mode and explained what a Quad is and a little about the books in it. I showed him the different options of both Bibles and Quads. He decided to get a quad. While Russell was putting his name on it (because I have no clue how to use the embosser), I talked to him. Had an OYM, if you will.

He grew up around here, and then moved to California, and then Nevada. He just moved back to IF. But anyway, he grew up with friends who were members. But was never interested in hearing about the Gospel. Until now. He's got an appointment with the missionaries tomorrow night. This man is in for a real treat. As I was talking to him, I felt something that I haven't felt in 6 months. It was such a wonderful feeling...but at the same time, it made me feel super guilty BECAUSE I haven't felt that in 6 months. I mean, I've felt the Spirit, but not in that way.

And that, I realized tonight, is why I miss being a missionary. I think that I'd kinda gotten to where I just took it for granted because I felt it all the time. And that's why the first little bit I was home was hard, because I realized what I was missing. But as I've been home, that "Missionary Spirit" has been fading away as I've been in the world. After feeling it again tonight as I talked to that Brother in Deseret Book, that's not something that I want to lose again. I will be praying to have missionary experiences. And I will keep my study of the scriptures dedicated so I can keep that Spirit in my life. After having that wonderful it was.

That good Brother and his missionaries will be in my prayers tonight, that the Spirit will touch his heart and tell him that it's true. That he will be able to gain a testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel that can change his life for the better. I know the Church is true. I know that lives can be changed because of it. I know that the Holy Ghost will touch the hearts of those who are ready to hear, and I felt something special as I had that conversation in Deseret Book today.

Oh how I love the Gospel! My prayers are with those missionaries who are out fighting the fight against Satan, and for the people they are teaching, those they will teach, and those who they have taught but have rejected the teachings for one reason or another. My prayer is that the Spirit will be with each and every one of them, so that all people here on the earth can have the opportunity to hear the glorious message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and come to know for themselves that it is true.

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  1. That's pretty neat Kira. I'm not very good at being a missionary myself. Maybe in time.