Thursday, May 5, 2011

Student Teaching, Here I Come!

Okay, so not quite. I've still got this semester and fall semester left here in Rexburg. Do don't freak out yet. I'll be here for a while yet. But after Christmas I'm moving to Utah to do so. But today I went to the preparation meeting for student teaching. I feel SO much better about everything. Everything is clear in my mind. I understand all of the new procedures and all that jazz. I've got everything done...there's a bit of updating I need to do in my application process, but I've got it all done (and already have my placement too).

So basically what I learned is that the Partnership Schools (that's new since i left on my mission) are schools that were hand picked by the people over student teaching here at BYU-Idaho because they are such great schools with a great faculty, and good diversity. That will help to give us the greatest experience, and also the largest variety of experiences. Really, it's a good thing. Granted, I didn't get my placement in my first choice, but I am excited for the experiences that I'll be able to have.

I also learned that when we do our student teaching in one of these Partnership Schools, WE are hand-picked by the administrators to do our student teaching in their school after they interview with them. I don't think I ever mentioned...the DAY after I interviewed up here with those school districts, I got an e-mail telling me that I have been selected by one of the schools I met with. That school is Silver Crest Elementary in Herriman Utah. It's a brand-new school, only in it's second year. And i have been very impressed by everything that I have learned about the school.

It is a great honor that I have been selected to do my student teaching there. And we were told that as of now, there hasn't been one student who did their student teaching in one of the Partnership Schools that hasn't been offered a job upon graduation. And throw my TESOL minor in there and things are definitely looking up for me :)

So, with just 2 semesters more and one more Praxis test (because I need to do one for TESOL), I'm ready for student teaching, and the real world. Woo-hoo!

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  1. There's a lot of schooling just to become a teacher. Goodness! I'm glad there's people out there willing to go all that just to enrich the lives of our kids. You're do GREAT!!!