Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nothin' Like a Hug

It's been a good week. A long week, but a good week. I've been up super late every night doing homework...and obviously tonight is no different. But tonight I've got a good reason...I went on a date. It was great! I learned that I really can be myself around a cute guy. Yes, that's always a good thing...because as far as I knew I was about as socially awkward as they come. So anyway...I'd asked this guy in my ward to go to the Paul Cardall concert with me last weekend, but he wasn't able to go. So he came over Sunday night and we arranged to do something tonight. He served his mission in Mexico, so we decided to make a Mexican dinner. We made tortillas and salsa fresca and tacos and buñuelos. It was super tasty! I had a great time talking with him and getting to know him. We had a great Spanglish conversation, because let's face it. I miss speaking Spanish. He misses speaking Spanish. But sometimes English is just so much easier. After we ate, he helped clean up the kitchen then left, but not before giving me a hug. And for all of you who watched (or experienced) my first awkward hug with a guy (or first several) I was perfectly normal! I was so proud of myself! And it felt good to get a great big hug. Yes, that was definitely a plus.

To be honest, I'd forgotten how it really feels to have a guy hug me. I mean, it was completely off-limits for 18 months of my life, and then I was too awkward to want to hug a guy. So now that my missionary shell is flaking off and revealing a new and improved Kira who's ready to conquer life and all of it's many adventures I was able to remember how it feels to get a good hug. And I must's definitely a plus in my book to have a guy who's willing to give a girl a hug after a date...and initiates it. Because I'm always (or at least am now) ready for a hug, but don't want to be the one to initiate least not after a first date when you're not quite sure how to react. But it's all good!

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