Sunday, May 22, 2011

I love Sundays!

I absolutely love Sundays! They're pretty much the best day of the week! I love going to church and learning everything the Lord has for us to learn. I love spending time with the roomies. Eating Sunday dinner. I even enjoy them laughing at me as I attempt to make cinnamon rolls...but they turned out yummy so I don't care. I enjoy watching Disney movies (this week's movie of choice was Tangled--LOVE it!) I enjoy going Stadium Singing. I pretty much love everything about Sundays.

And to make this one even baby sister has been composing a song (lyrics and music) over the past week, and pretty much finished it today. She's got to do a few finishing touches then I'll post it for all to see...but for those who are interested now, go check out the lyrics on her blog at Yeah, she's pretty much the coolest sister ever!

Yeah. It was a good day. I am in a super good mood! And I have a feeling that it's going to be a VERY good week!!!

Honestly...the whole weekend was good. I was off work. I went to the Paul Cardall concert Friday night. And goofed off and did absolutely nothing productive on Saturday. I did go to my FHE brothers' baseball game. That was good. Heck, it was just plain good to be able to sleep in! Yes, I'm going to greatly enjoy not having to work weekends so I can have that time to unwind. This was my first weekend off in over 2 it was needed.

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