Friday, June 3, 2011

A Sleep-Deprived, Brain-Fried Sugar High

Yes...that's how our night was last night. There were 3 of us home. We were all in the living room doing homework. Or attempting to...we weren't being very successful at it. We are all feeling a little sleep-deprived. It's mid-terms so we've been up late doing homework at are sleep deprived. And our brains are fried. Or re-fried as one of my friends said. AND last night we were all on a sugar high. We were rolling on the floor laughing with tears streaming down our faces...for no apparent reason. We just had a bad, and I mean BAD, case of the giggles. It was quite entertaining. And this went on from about 7:30 until midnight. My abs still hurt from the bad case of the giggles that we had last night. And I've actually been on one again this evening. My poor roommates. Just wait until we hit finals week...then they'll be in for a REAL treat. I think that my insanity can be partially attributed to the fact that this is my first semester back in school and it's been a readjustment for me. Or maybe I'm just making up for the laughter I missed with friends, because I was a little more serious than normal on the mission. Or maybe I really am just crazy and need to go to the psych ward...whatever it is, apartment 301 is quite the entertaining place to be right now because I have absolutely lost my marbles!

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