Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cortez, CO Transfer 7, Week 3

Well, it has been another good week, full of adventures.

Monday: P-day. We went to lunch with the sisters, then we all piled into our truck (okay so we didn't really pile because there's plenty of room for all 4 of us) to go to Walmart. But so we could fit everyone in we put our stuff (cooler and shoe-box of supplies) in the back of the truck. We were going to meet the Elders there to help them get their groceries back to their apartment because it's kinda hard on bikes and had a few extra minutes so we decided to go get our car washed. Well, we're in the middle of the first cycle when Sister Wilkes looks out the back window and says "Sisters! You put everything in the back!" Oh no. Sister Anderson jumped out of the truck before I could and threw the box of supplies into the truck. Forget the cooler, it can go through the car wash. Poor Sister Anderson almost got a second shower for the day, and waited outside until we were done in the car wash. But she told us that she'd always wanted to get out of the car in the middle of a car wash, so we really made her day. Oops. At least she saved our DVDs and Books of Mormon and pamphlets. We ate dinner with Bishop Decker's family, and his wife made us a tasty Peruvian dish. Sister Cabello sure liked that.

Tuesday: We spent the day contacting less active members, with the help of members to give us rides because miles are running short in the month. It was a beautiful wind-free day which sure was a nice change.

Wednesday: We had Zone Conference in Farmington. It was combined with the northern half of the mission, because it was our last with President and Sister Anderson before they go home on July 1 (one short month from today). It was an amazing conference, and I know I say this every transfer, but really, this was my favorite Conference we've had in the 7 transfers I have here in the mission field. It was all about the Restoration of the Gospel. The Spirit was so strong, and I learned so much! It's been fun putting it into practice. I also met Elder Lopez, whose dad served with my dad 25 years ago in Brazil. He thought that was pretty cool.

Thursday: It was hot. We had some good lessons and contacted several less-active members. We've pretty much conquered our list of people to contact and are hoping we'll get permission to start doing a little bit of tracting when we see Sister Anderson on Thursday so we don't have to do it without permission (but hey, there's only so much you can do when everything falls through and you don't have miles to go anywhere to contact anyone else on your list without having confirmed appointments).

Friday: We had our planning day. We were getting a little toasty in our apartment, which was a nice change from having to turn the heater on every day. We went tracting, and ran into both extremes of people: those who only wanted to bash and those who were very open to having us come back and teach them more.

Saturday: It was again a toasty day. We tried to contact more people but with it being a holiday weekend found a whole lot of no one home.

Sunday: It was just a normal church day. After church we had a few visits. And happy anniversary to my parents! I hope it was a great day.

To all you who are getting out of school this week, have a great summer. To Kesha and all her friends who graduate tonight, congratulations! Remember that although high school was great, the best is yet to come. And to my family, have fun in Nauvoo but plan on taking the trip again in a year or two (probably two because I know that mom is already planning her Disneyland trip next summer, or at least will be as soon as this year's gets knocked out of the way).

Have a great week!

Hermana Good

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