Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cortez, CO Transfer 7, Week 4

This post is late because we were on vacation. Enjoy!

Dear family and friends,

Well, I hope my family is having a great time in Nauvoo. Someday I'll
make it there.

Monday: P-day. I fixed and cleaned our vacuum that I'd been told
doesn't work. I don't know if I've ever seen a vacuum work as good as
that one does. It just needed a good cleaning. After I finished
cleaning and turned it on, the room was still filled with a nice cloud
of dust. I also tried a recipe for bran muffins. They were yummy and
made a nice breakfast for us all week long. It was a hot day, but
gorgeous. We had all of our lessons that evening outside (one because
a couple of our investigators took us to dinner and we ate on the
patio of the restaurant and the other because it was with a single man
and we weren't sure if he was going to be able to so we didn't bother
to ask a member to come with us). When we got home that night, we had
just 4 miles left, but we didn't go over for the month, which means we
didn't start out this month in the hole!

Tuesday: I can't be June 1 already! Time is going too fast! It was
another beautiful day, and we were able to contact lots of people
(maybe because we actually had miles to use?) We also ran into a bunch
of kids playing outside in a trailer park. Their mom didn't want to
talk to us, but said we could read them a bible story about Jesus. It
was so cute as those kids from about 2 or 3 to 6 or 7 gathered around
sitting on chairs or logs or their bikes to listen to the story about
Jesus. I rationalized in my head that there's no difference in the
stories in the Bible and Book of Mormon, and we have pictures in the
front of the BOM and one of our pamphlets about Christ coming to the
Americas, so we told them the story in 3 Nephi 11. That made my day to
see children as young as they were so excited to learn about Jesus. I
just wish that a) they spoke Spanish because the trailer park isn't in
our area, but we find most of our Spanish speakers in trailer parks
and b) that their parents were interested.

Wednesday: It was once again really hot. We were able to contact lots
more people. That evening, we went to the LDS Family Services
Addiction Recovery Program with a couple of our investigators. That is
a good program.

Thursday: We did service for one of our investigators who has health
problems anyway and had fallen the day before. Then we headed to the
church for our interviews with President Anderson--our last interviews
with President Anderson. That was kinda sad. But there are lots of
exciting things coming up in the mission. July 1 will be an exciting
day! (and if I stay up north, I'll be able to meet my new Mission
President that day because we got word last night that that day will
be our Zone Conference.) President told me lots of exciting things
that will be happening for us as Spanish sisters. I can't wait!

Friday: We had planning, and then went out and promptly had all of our
appointments fall through. But such is a day in the life of a

Saturday: It was HOT! And when I say hot, I mean almost 100, which
people tell us is very unusual for this time of year here. And we
again had plans fall thorough and were out tracting in that hot sun.
It was fantastic. But we had some good conversations about the Gospel.

Sunday: We had church, then went out tracting for a couple hours. It
was once again hot. We were out in the country, so it wasn't all
walking. The houses are too far between to park the truck and walk to,
not to mention there is no where to really park the truck because
there are ditches on either side of the road. But while we were out
doing that I found out that unlike mosquitoes, I am NOT allergic to
wasps. Good thing, because I found out the hard way. But, this is
really a funny story. So we're out in the middle of no where tracting
(you find a lot of middle of no where in our area). We pull up to this
house and get out of the truck and this teenage boy comes out of the
house. We're talking to him and find out that he's less-active but
that his dad is an active member of our ward. The kid lives with his
mom, who is also a member but against the church (and one of the
people on our list to contact, but we didn't have an address for). He
told us that he wouldn't let us talk to her because of this. As we're
having this conversation, I brush my arm against my side, and
instantly felt something stinging on my elbow. The first thought that
went through my mind, even before "I've just been stung" was "Please
don't let me be allergic." The kid offers to go inside and get some
stuff to put on it, and I look at my elbow and realize it was a bite
not a sting. So his mom comes out and says that she heard that I'd
been stung and invited me in so she could fix me up. Hey, the way I
see it, it's a blessing that a wasp bit me. It got us in the door of
that house--though when we started talking about the Gospel she wasn't
too happy so we quickly ended that conversation by inviting her to
Ward Conference on Sunday and left, after thanking her for her help.
Oh the adventures you have as a missionary.

So it was really a pretty good week. I can't believe how fast the time
is flying. Transfers are 2 weeks from tomorrow. I'll know in less than
2 weeks if I finish the mission in the New Mexico Farmington Mission
(where I currently am, boundary wise) or in the New Mexico Albuquerque
mission where I started when I got down here 9 months ago. Exciting
times! And this week will be a great one too, because we have a
SPANISH baptism on Saturday!

Love you all! Hermana Good

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