Monday, June 14, 2010

Cortez, CO Transfer 7, Week 5

Dear Family and Friends,

It was a nice sunny week here in Cortez, and successful, which a missionary always likes to see.

Monday: It was hot. We had a nice relaxing p-day with the other Sisters, and then went to dinner with Bobbie and Lou, two of our investigators. They took us to a yummy Mexican place. That evening our appointments fell through, but we were able to do a little bit of tracting and found some good contacts.

Tuesday: It was once again hot. We were tracting (and probably drank 1/2 gallon of water a piece--don't want any more dehydrated missionaries here in Cortez). We walked more than we'd walked all transfer, and I got a bit of a sunburn. My arms were a little red, though you all know how I am. They were brown the next day. But the part in my hair was another story. I should have put sunscreen up there. Elder and Sister Martinez were up here to do apartment inspections, and took the 4 of us Sisters out to dinner (Sister Anderson has had the cleanest apartment for several consecutive transfers, and we were in their ward for 7 months) It was fun to see them one last time before they get done with their mission next week.

Wednesday: Guess what: It was Hot again! And we were tracting, and now look like all the other missionaries in the district with red arms and faces. We went to a BBQ that night for the Addiction Recovery program that we're going to with a couple of our investigators, and tried bear meat. It was pretty good, though that was one tough old bear.

Thursday: We had district meeting, then went and did service for a sister who owns some apartments and needs to re-do an apartment that they kicked a pyromaniac out of because there is so much smoke and fire damage. We had dinner with one of our investigators. It wasn't super spicy, but it sure left me with heartburn for the rest of the day.

Friday: Happy Birthday Mom! We did weekly planning and then went out to dinner with one of the sisters in the ward. It was pouring down rain when we got done. We went and did more service, then headed to our appointments. One of our appointments was with the sister who was baptized on Saturday, and she wasn't there. And she hadn't been answering her phone for like 3 days. She'd had a really bad toothache when we saw her on Tuesday, so our first thought was that she and her husband had gone to Mexico to get it taken care of. Sister Cabello and I were freaking out, because she never misses appointments, and always calls if she's not going to be there. We drove by right before going home for the night, and they told us that they were just at the grocery store.

Saturday: It was cold and rainy, but sure ended on a good note, which for a missionary is a baptism. Gabby was baptized, and it was such a wonderful baptism. She'd asked Sister Trunnell to give one of the talks, so she was there. It was fun to see her again, and to meet her mom--and a lot less weird than it was when i saw her 3 weeks after she went home. Gabby asked me to sing "When I am Baptized"--Spanish style. She says that she loves my voice and wanted me to do that for her. The Spirit was so strong, and we really don't think it will be too long before her husband will start taking the lessons.

Sunday: We had ward conference. After Church we went tracting, and that's pretty much all we did all night long because our appointments all fell through.

It was a good week, and it's hard to believe that we're already in the last week of the transfer. It seems like just yesterday that I was transferred up here, even though I have 3 months.

I love you all. Have a great week.

Hermana Good

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