Monday, May 24, 2010

Where am I?

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, another week has passed here in Rio... nope. I'm not in Rio Rancho anymore. Another week has passed here in Cortez. Yeah, that's right. I'm in Cortez... and have been for 8 weeks. I just got so used to saying Rio Rancho that that just kinda slipped out.

Monday: We discovered why President doesn't put more than one set of sisters in an area. That was the most fun I've had on a P-day my whole mission! We couldn't do much because of Sister Cabello's foot, but we did go to the other sisters' apartment. They'd found boxes of ties that elders had left (most of them were UGLY, but some were okay) and needless to say the boxes of ties came out and our cameras and... use your imagination from there. There was lots of laughing involved and our exact words were "So THIS is why President doesn't put more than one set of Sisters in an area. After that we went and did some less-active visits.

Tuesday: Sister Cabello's foot was pretty swollen on Monday night, so we stayed in for most of the day. It made me have some sympathy for Sister Shade for when we had to stay in because I was sick. And my companion wasn't asleep most of the day so we could talk! But we did have two really good appointments that night.

Wednesday: I had no clue what day it was and was very confused all day long. We had some good appointments and less active visits.

Thursday: We had District Meeting. We're short on miles this month, so we had members drive us to our appointments all day long--which is a good thing, especially when we're visiting all the less-active members of the ward so they can have a a friend at church. I got Kesha's graduation announcement which is adorable. I want the polka-dot shirt. But the pictures in her Royal Blue get-up made me cry because it made me remember that she's living my dream and I'm not there to see it. I'm sure her concerts have been recorded so I can see then when I get home, but it won't be the same.

Friday: We had dinner with one of our investigators who will be baptized in the next couple weeks. It was fun to be able to visit with her and get to know her better. I really enjoy meals with the people we're working with (not to mention when it's with the Hispanic people like Gabby the food is SO delicious. I was reminded of why I've gained weight on the mission)

Saturday: It was horribly windy. The mountains all around Cortez disappeared. But we were out of miles and had no one to visit and Sister Cabello's foot has been fine since we stayed in on Tuesday so we went tracting for a few hours after finishing helping the other sisters get things ready for the baptism they had that afternoon and practicing the song that Sister Wilkes and I sang. If Sister Anderson finds out (which she probably will on Wednesday at Zone Conference because I'm an honest sister) I'll probably be in trouble for not getting permission, but it was Sister Cabello's idea and she said she was fine, and she was fine afterwards too! Like I mentioned, we went to a baptism. I taught this sister last transfer and set the baptismal date with her, but Sister Anderson who was just transferred BACK to Cortez after a year was way excited because she was teaching Corena a year ago and was here to see her baptized. It was wonderful to be able to be there to support her in that. 4 of her many sister missionaries were able to be at her baptism. I love seeing baptisms--it always gives me a new energy to work and be successful.

Sunday: It was super windy again. Welcome to springtime in Colorado (it's about time it gets here--it's almost June!) My allergies are horrible, but that's okay. I'll survive. Soon enough I'll probably be back down south where there's nothing green and it's blistering hot and will be wishing I was back here in Cortez, wind and all. But we went tracting for about 45 minutes again because we had a little time between dinner and our appointments. It was a good day.

So yeah. That's my week. And it's looking like it will be another great one! We've got Zone Conference (which will be bitter-sweet because it's our last with President and Sister Anderson) but that's always amazing. Have a great one all!

Love, Hermana Good

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