Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Attending the Temple = A Great Week

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been the best week I've had in a long time. I've got lots of exciting things to talk about.

Monday: We had p-day and then that night had FHE and dinner with the Bishop and his family and his brother's family and one of our investigator families. It was great. I love how supportive the members all are here.

Tuesday: Our truck had been yelling at us telling us it needed an oil change for a couple days, so we went in and got that done. (The sisters hadn't taken it in when they got the notice 5,000 miles before). We also got new tires to replace the ones that were bald. Then we went to district meeting and interviews with President Anderson. I always love interviews with him, and am sad that I've only got one more before he's done on June 30. But I'm sure that my new mission president, whichever one it will be, will be just as wonderful. And referring to the new mission president, I'm almost 100% positive it will be President Miller of the NM Albuquerque Mission because President told us that he'll most likely pull us down south so all 4 Spanish sisters are in the same mission when the split takes place so we don't have the same companion until one goes home. We're just not sure if that will happen next week or next transfer.

Wednesday: We went down to Albuquerque so we could go through the temple with one of Sister Shade's converts, Gloria Perez. Sister Trunnell also flew down so she could be there. It was so great to see everyone again. There were several people from the Bernalillo ward there to support her. As soon as we turned onto the street the temple is on, I was filled with the Spirit. I have missed that feeling in the 8 months that I haven't been to the temple. The session was in Spanish, which was pretty cool. I was able to understand pretty much everything). But, while we were sitting in the foyer waiting for Gloria to talk to the matron, a brother walked past who looked SO familiar. As I thought about it, I realized that it was Mike, my old roommate Magaly's husband. I stopped him and when he saw me, his eyes lit up as he recognized me. He and Maggie were there to do sealings, but he went and found her, and I was able to talk to her for a few minutes. Oh what a wonderful blessing to be able to see an old friend and get a big hug. And how weird to be called Kira for the first time in 10 months. It was great, though. When I lived with her, I always wished that I could talk to her in Spanish (she's from Peru for those who don't know), and I was finally able to. Good thing, because you can say more faster in Spanish than you can in English :). When we got to Sister Michel and Cabello's apartment, the Marquez's were there waiting for us to see us. I was pretty excited about that too. Sister Marquez told me, "We escaped so we could see you." We got pictures with them. And then we sisters stayed up late talking, of course. And then when I tried to go to sleep, I was on a really uncomfortable couch that sinks in the middle and it was SO hot in the apartment (I'm certainly not used to that. Our above the garage apartment in Cortez is still pretty cold and we pile the blankets on and still use the heat). It was fun to see them again.

Thursday: It was gorgeous in Albuquerque when we left. But once we hit about Shiprock... not even... more like Bloomfield, the wind picked up. The temperature dropped 15 degrees in the hour or so between Shiprock and Cortez. And when we got back to Cortez, it was snowing! It was gorgeous when we left, so of course we didn't have coats with us. We were so tired and were dragging our feet to get to our appointments. But we went with smiles on our faces and a happy attitude. But when we got home that night, we crashed into bed.

Friday: We did weekly planning for the last week of the transfer. It was raining and snowing off and on all day long. We started to wonder if Spring will ever come to Cortez. People tell us that this has been the worst, longest winter in a long time.

Saturday: Happy 10 months to Sister Good. Gee whiz, it's hard to believe how fast the time is flying. It sure doesn't seem like it's been that long. We had a good day with lots of good lessons.

Sunday: It was, once again, cold and snowy. The brother who normally translates in Sacrament Meeting wasn't there, and Sister Shade did it last time, so it was my turn to translate. It was fine. It was fast and testimony meeting, and while there were a few words I didn't know, people were talking slow enough that I didn't really have any problems... at least not until the closing prayer. They'd asked me to give the closing prayer and I had to do it in English, and I was having a really hard time not saying it in Spanish because I was thinking in Spanish. We had a fireside that night by Chris Heimerdinger. It was pretty good. Yes, my family, I got to meet him. I even translated his testimony in Sacrament meeting.

Monday: We left bright and early to head back down to Albuquerque for the mission temple day. And when I say bright and early, I mean dark and early. We left our apartment at 5:00 because we had to be to the temple by 10:15, it's a 20 minute drive to get to the members who took us down, and about 5 hours to the Temple from Cortez. It was so great though. We had a wonderful time visiting with Brother and Sister Quick and getting to know them better. The temple session was amazing! I haven't felt the Spirit stronger in the temple than on missionary day. I highly recommend it. After the session, the Quicks took us to Cracker Barrel to eat, and we headed back to Cortez, pulling into town about 9:15. It was a long day, and we saw the sun rise and set. We were very tired, and had no problem going to sleep last night at all. Getting out of bed today was another story...

But yes, it was a very good week. Definitely the best in a long time... other than the snow. It's May for heaven's sake! But I'll survive. From what it sounds like I'll soon be roasting somewhere in New Mexico and wishing I was back here where it's cooler.

I love you all. Keep an eye out next week for transfer news. And to my family, I'll talk to you on SUNDAY!

Hermana Good

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