Monday, May 10, 2010

Will I be transferred or not?

Well, here we are. Another week, another transfer gone by. It is crazy how fast time flies, and each transfer seems to pass even quicker. Once I get to the point where Sister Shade is in her mission (starting her last transfer) it'll seem like it started yesterday when I'm stepping on the plane to go home.

Tuesday: P-day because of the temple trip on Monday. I took advantage of that and rested because I hadn't gotten a lot of sleep the night before the trip to Albuquerque because we had to leave insanely early.

Wednesday: We did a lot of knocking doors without any success. Well, we found a lot of referrals for the elders. We were in a trailer park where we can usually find a lot of Spanish Speakers... and found not a one.

Thursday: We had District Meeting and took pictures. I'm not going to lie: I'm not going to miss any one of the 3 elders who are being transferred. We got lost out on the county roads and put probably 10-15 unnecessary miles on our truck. We visited several less actives. And I got a letter from Brittani with news about her mission call! Yay for Spanish Speaking Sisters!

Friday: We had weekly planning. Because we both had a strong feeling that we were going to be transferred, we did really good preparation for the new missionaries who would be transferred into our area. We went and did some service for a less active sister. And then we went to the 2nd ward talent show/ pot luck dinner with one of our investigators to translate. Each organization had been asked to prepare a talent because not many people were signing up. The ward mission leader delegated to the missionaries and the senior companion delegated to the junior companion (aka Sister Good) So I pulled out one of my piano books, decided to play Called to Serve, and slaughtered it. No one noticed... or at least said anything, but when I listened to the recording later, it was horrible. But I did my part.

Saturday: We did some more less active visits and knocking doors. And then when we got home we sat and waited for our District Leader to call us with transfer news. And waited. And waited. Finally at 10:30 we called him to ask if he'd heard anything yet (because there was one transfer before I got here that no one--not even the APs- knew anything before midnight) When he answered, the first thing he said was "I just realized that I forgot to call you" meaning that when he saw our number on the caller ID. Sister Shade is going back to Rio Rancho with Sister Michel and will be on a bicycle (and they're trading areas with the elders so they have a smaller area to work in) and I am staying right where I am and Sister Cabello is coming up here with me. That kinda came as a shock because we were both so convinced that we were leaving. But that's okay. I love Cortez. And Bishop Decker's wife is SO excited to meet Sister Cabello because she is also from Peru.

Sunday: We went around so Sister Shade could say goodbye to a few people. One of our investigators was having a party that she invited us to so we went there for a while, then had dinner with Bishop Decker and his family, his brother and his family, his parents, and grandma. Can I just say that I love the whole Decker family? They are so welcoming and helped us feel so much at home. But the absolute best part of the day was the fact that I got to call home. 40 minutes is much too short to talk, but it was so good to hear everyone. It sure did help to lift my spirits.

So yeah. Today we're just going and saying goodbye to a few more people, dropping some of Sister Shade's things off at the Decker's for Sister Decker to take up to Utah here in a few weeks, washing the truck, packing her stuff, and cleaning the apartment. And tomorrow morning we'll head for Farmington so she can catch the transfer van back to New Mexico and so I can pick up Sister Cabello, and Sister Anderson and her trainee who will also be coming up to Cortez (yay for more sisters in the district!)

I love you all. Have a fabulous week!

Hermana Good

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