Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Horizon City, Texas, Transfer 10, Week 4

Well, my family and friends,

Another week has come and gone. For all of you the air is probably getting crisp and leaves are probably changing colors and falling from the trees. For me it still feels like we're in August, unless we go outside before 10:00 am. Then it's in like the 60s and a little chilly.

Monday: We had p-day. One of the recent converts in the English ward invited us over and helped us get started on a Temple cross-stitch. I'm doing the Albuquerque temple as a reminder of my mission. We went souvenir shopping for Sister Jardine's birthday. We went on Splits that night, because we have too much work to keep up with because so many of our investigators need night-time appointments. But it was good.

Tuesday: It was Sister Jardine's birthday. When we were up in Albuquerque for the temple and went to Deseret Book, I bought her a CD and surprised her with that in the morning. We had 3 birthday dinners that night and were totally stuffed by the time we got home.

Wednesday: We had lunch with a less-active family and one of their non-member friends and have an appointment set up with that friend so we can teach her as well. We had a few other appointments after that as well.

Thursday: We went to district meeting and did service for one of our ward members. We taught several lessons that night.

Friday: We did weekly planning, and spent a good chunk of time planning an amazing activity for one of our investigator families so they'd be able to get to know a bunch of families in the ward. And then the appointment canceled. We were way bummed, but such is the life of a missionary.

Saturday: We went out and did some visits to some less active people in the ward.and a bit of service for one of the widows in the ward.

Sunday: We had an amazing Sunday at church! We had new members move into both wards, both in our area, and one of them is a part member family where the wife wants to be baptized! We're excited to be able to work with her and help her progress toward baptism. She and her husband just had a baby who they blessed on Sunday.

The Sotos don't want to be baptized. And Rosa will be baptized on the 23rd or 30th. She slipped up with the word of wisdom, and we think she might have again because she's acting funny when we call her and avoiding us. But she is doing good. The other baptismal date is Celali for November 5th. She'll be 18 that day, but is really going through a hard time right now. Her mom didn't want her dad to have custody, but her mom doesn't want her either, so she's kind of just house hopping. Pobrecita. She is going through so much but is so strong, and has such a desire to learn and is accepting everything so easily. Keep her in your prayers.

Yesterday we had zone conference, hence no e-mail. It was an amazing Conference with Elder Claudio M. Zivic of the 70. I honestly haven't been to a better conference my whole mission--and I've only got one more left, so I'm pretty sure that this one will take the cake. It definitely helped me take things into perspective and be able to see what I can do to be a strong missionary the last couple months that I have. Sister Jardine and I were the only Sisters at the conference (yeah, that was weird and we felt WAY outnumbered) and got to visit with Sister Zivic before the conference started while Elder Zivic was interviewing some of the missionaries. She is such a sweet sister, and we both felt that she was able to see exactly what our problems that we're facing are because she said something that was directed to each of us, and looked right at the one of us who is having that problem when she said it. What a spiritually uplifting day!

So... I just realized that my e-mails are getting way shorter. It's not because we don't do anything... it's just that we really didn't have anything super out of the ordinary happen this week. Hopefully next week will be more exciting.

I love you all!

Hermana Good

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