Monday, October 4, 2010

Horizon City, Texas, Transfer 10, Week 3

Dear Family and Friends,

Another great week has passed here on the border. Time is quickly flying by, and before we all know it I'll be back to the land of ice and snow. (Random story, but I looked out the window at like 6:30 this morning and could have sworn that there was a dusting of snow in the parking lot and on the cars at our apartment complex. But no, it was just the way the light was reflecting. You know you're getting old when you start hallucinating)

Monday: It was p-day. We were going to play volleyball, but the elders didn't think to get the key to get the ball and net out, so we ended up just going home. It was a chilly 69 when we left our apartment that morning. Brr! We had an FHE with one of our investigator families that night.

Tuesday: We went and did service for one of the sisters in our ward for a while. That was fun. I also played for the primary to practice for the program that they're doing this Sunday because the pianist couldn't be there, and I'm the only other one in the ward who can play.

Wednesday: We had some really good lessons, and were able to set another baptismal date with a 17 year old girl. She'll be baptized next month on her 18th birthday, and is so excited. She may be the most ready of anyone I've taught over the past 15 months. We got home and found a package for Sister Jardine--and when she opened it, it was full of Idaho Potatoes. It made us laugh.

Thursday: We did some more service... but I don't remember for who. And we taught some good lessons.

Friday: We spent the morning doing service. Sister Jardine and I cleaned the house for our Ward Mission Leader. His wife is 8 months pregnant, and has 5 other kids under the age of 8 running around, so we helped them out while the elders all went with Brother G and did yard work for another family in the ward. It was fun. We had some great lessons that night. And on the way home, we were talking, and Sister Jardine busted out a Spanish word and couldn't remember the English word to save her life. It was hilarious for me who's been there, done that and horrifying for her realizing that she's losing all ability to speak English now too. We got a good laugh out of that. It was my 15 month mark in the mission--I really can't believe how fast the time is flying by. I love the mission and while I miss you all a ton, I don't want this time to end.

Saturday: We watched General Conference. I watched one session in Spanish and the other in English. It was a good conference--but I had to watch my favorite apostle, Elder Scott, in Spanish, so I didn't get the full message of his talk. Bummer, because from what Sister Jardine (who watched it in English) tells me, it was a great one. I can't wait to get my Ensign next month to read it (don't forget mom!). We had a couple lessons with investigators we're preparing for baptism. And the sister who fed us dinner fixed one of my favorites: Stuffed Shells! Yum!

Sunday: We again watched conference, both sessions in English. We watched one at the church, and the other with one of our investigators who is living with a member family, but the Sister who was going to give her a ride got sick, so we stayed with them to watch it. It was a great weekend!

So yeah, that's my week. I'll be e-mailing on Tuesday next week because we have Zone Conference on Monday. And Mom, you said that you'd send me an Ensign article you found a couple weeks ago and it wasn't with the letter this last week. Just a happy reminder :) Love you all!

Hermana Good

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