Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Little Disappointed

So I've pretty much all of the hype about the Swine Flu. No big, right? What were the chances of it actually affecting me? Well, it does. I don't have it or anything, but there are at least 3 missionaries at the MTC who have it, and 15 others with symptoms of it, according to Jill's brother who is there right now. And she told me that they announced on KSL News in Utah that they have permanently changed the protocol for dropping off missionaries. Families are no longer allowed inside the MTC, but rather have to drop missionaries off at the door. I understand that they're trying to protect the public... but why now? A few more months and this whole thing will be old news. I mean, think about the Bird Flu that was a big deal a few years ago. You never hear about that anymore. Anyway, I go into the MTC in 4 weeks. I wasn't exactly looking forward to saying goodbye to my family anyway, but now to have to get out of the car with my luggage and that's that... I don't know how I feel about that. Don't get me wrong, I am so excited for my mission and I can't wait to go, but I'm really close to my family and just really hate goodbyes.


  1. trust me, whether they come in or drop you off at the curb, it still hurts. Kind of like ripping off a band-aid. It hurts, but you will be so immersed in orientation that you will bounce back quicker than your Mom. When I read the new policy the other day I felt worse for her. It is still exciting! You will do great! Love you.

  2. I am sooo sorry! That really stinks! But Aunt MaryEllen is right, it will be okay, and really your Mom will have a harder time than you!

  3. I know that when we dropped off Scott, my mom cried for forever it seemed afterwards. It was hard on her and my dad. It was hard for me to see him go as well. I lost a good babysitter, and someone to pick on. But, I think the whole presentation before they made you say goodbye, was what did my mom in. She was okay until the program started. Then the water works turned on. I think Aunt MaryEllen is right, you'll be fine. You will be engrosed in the orientation process, It won't effect you until later.