Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye Rexburg

I leave on my mission in less than 5 days. I really am super excited to go... once I get past all of my goodbyes anyway. I really wanted to go Latin Dancing one more time before I leave, so last night after dinner I hopped in my car and drove on up. Shaina and I went Latin Dancing which could have been better than could have been worse. While we were there, we ran into my old FHE sister and her fiance (they're getting married 2 days after I leave). It was fun to visit with them and catch up with them. After dancing, Shaina treated me to a milkshake at Hogi Yogi. It was very tasty! (btw, how do you like my new glasses?)

Shaina and I went around and visited a few people so I could say goodbye. Luckily I wasn't super close to any of them (no offense) so I didn't totally lose it. In fact, not one tear was shed. Yes, you should be proud of me.

When Jamie got home that night, she pulled out her cereal party bowls and came back to Shaina's room asking if I wanted to have one last cereal party before I leave. I really wasn't hungry because of my milkshake, but I couldn't resist. When I lived with her we had cereal parties every night at midnight. And so we had one last midnight cereal party.
I spent the night with them so I could get up and go to the temple this morning. The ward was doing baptisms for the dead at 6:00 this morning so I got up at 5:00 so I could get ready and go up there with them. (I only got about 3 hours of sleep, if that a) because I was with my old roommates and b) because it was so dang hot. I woke up around 2:30 thinking i heard my alarm going off and had a hard time falling back asleep. But it was worth it...except now I'm paying for it, fighting to stay awake.) So we headed up to the temple early this morning. There really isn't a better way to start the day. I was able to work instead of doing the baptisms, so I was able to see and talk to all of my friends who were there and say goodbye (I was in the dressing room). That was a neat experience. After we were done with baptisms, I went upstairs and went through a session--very likely the last session I'll go to before I leave on Wednesday.

Before I left town, I made one last stop at the Cocoa Bean. I got a Mint Truffle Frappe, and boy was it tasty! I sure am going to miss that place... then again, my wallet will appreciate me being gone. I fill up at least one punch card (by 5 get one free) a semester, sometimes more. I had filled up a punch card, but hadn't gotten my free drink yet so my drink today cost me nothing :) But I made sure to leave my wallet in my car so I wouldn't be tempted to get one of their amazing cupcakes.I was surprisingly fine as I drove out of town. I kinda surprised myself when I didn't cry. I know, I'm a big cry baby--and it's only been worse the past few weeks as I've realized how soon I really am leaving. I took one last look at the auditorium and the temple and drove away back down the road to come home.

And so it is. Goodbye, Rexburg. I'll see you in 18 months. And I'll freeze. And I won't recognize anything. But I'll be back, and I'll be happy to be there despite the cold and lack of friends (because mine will all be graduated, with a few exceptions.)

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  1. Have a wonderful time on your mission!!! I know you will! I wish I could have seen you before you left! I feel bad for not. Anyways have a good time!