Thursday, October 27, 2011

What's in a Name (Tag)?

So all semester long my roommates have asked me on Tuesdays and Thursdays why I don't take off my teacher name tag when I get home from my practicum. And all semester long I've told them that it's just easier to not take it off. But really, how hard is it to take off a magnet and set it on your dresser? Yeah...not hard at all. Anyway, I was thinking earlier this week when I happened to look over and see my missionary name tag hanging from my lamp and then looked down and saw my teacher name tag on my blouse. It's funny how connected you get to something and not even realize it. I realized this week that the reason I don't take off my teacher name tag is because I miss having that missionary name tag in place. Like really's been over 9 months since I had to take off my missionary tag, and for 9 months I have longed to be able to put it back on. Being back in the classroom helps, at least a little bit, to fill that void that I have felt. And putting on my teacher name tag is like a burst of fresh air. It helps to fill that little hole where my missionary name tag once sat. Granted, nothing will ever be able to fully replace my missionary name tag and the calling it represented, but for now as I am moving on with my life, putting on my teacher name tag and going into the classroom to teach helps me remember my purpose and what my goals are.

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