Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Rock and a Hard Place

Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck somewhere between a rock and a hard place. Like right now. It's my last semester at BYU-Idaho (as much as I don't want to admit that...). I've got another roommate who's graduating this semester as well. We were both super excited, looking forward to the semester and going out with a bang. Neither of us...well...none of my roommates...were expecting that drama would ensue. And it's hurting the whole apartment. We've got one roommate who struggles with the curfew that we have here. She doesn't take it seriously. We've brought it up, in as loving a way as she lets us get out, and have tried to help her see that there really are serious consequences that come from not following the Honor Code. Things have only spiraled downward the past few days, to the point that the five of us who are super close have no idea how to help our roommate. We all felt that she needed to live with us. Now, we're trying to see why. We know there is a reason. And we want to help her. We're just tired of being shut down...and having her lie to our faces. It hurts. A lot. Actually, there's not much that hurts more than having your trust betrayed by someone. And, quite frankly, there's not many things that are harder to get back than trust when it has been lost. We are all praying to know how we can help her...but if anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

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