Saturday, February 26, 2011

Negative Nellie...

*Disclamer* This is not exactly the most positive blog post. If you're having a crappy day don't read it. I promise...there's nothing important in here anyway, it's mostly just to get some disappointments out of my system so I can sleep tonight.

Wow. What a day it has been. Maybe it's because I slept in...until almost 11:00--I felt SO horrible and guilty for doing that. But I kinda don't think so, because everything that made the day not-so-great was completely out of my control.

I got a letter from Sister Cabello. That made me super excited to get because I love and miss her so much! But she started the letter by telling me that one of the families we baptized and love so dearly have gone inactive. Completely inactive. (The last I'd heard is that they were preparing to go to the temple later this year.) But even worse...she told me that it sounds like they'll be getting a divorce! That just made me sick! My heart is breaking. I'm so far away. Yes, I can call them (thanks to the blessing of having served in the States), but I can't go visit them and talk to them face to face to help them realize that it's just Satan trying to break up their family so they can't become an eternal family. Because, let's face it, what good would that do to Satan's plan if they can be sealed for eternity? That news has just put me into a slump today. I want to cry is what I want to do! This family WAS my family for the time that we were teaching them! I'm at a loss of words to explain how I feel right now...probably the only way anyone would understand would be if they've been through something similar.

And then later, I got a text from someone who was one of my really good friends before I left on my mission saying that he was up in Rexburg from Provo for the weekend. It just had to be on a night when I'd decided to stay home and help with the painting that I've been putting off instead of going dancing to save money. But, he told me that they were planning on taking a Denny's run tonight, meaning they'd leave Rexburg around midnight or so and come down here to IF for some fun times. Duh I was excited! I mean, I would have been able to see some of my best friends I haven't seen in a long while and go on a Denny's run, both things that I've missed. But that's right. Would have been able to. I texted them around midnight to see if they were going to be coming. No response. I texted them again around 1 because I kinda needed to know because I do have to work in the morning. And I got the reply of "Sorry Kira. We forgot to tell you. We got too tired and aren't going." Of course. Should I have expected anything different? So now, I probably won't be able to see him for who-knows-how-much longer. Because I work all day tomorrow and then have to finish preparing the talk I'm giving on Sunday in my YSA branch. And Sunday is full of meetings and church. Oh well. I guess I should be used to not seeing my friends...after all, I did have over 18 months of not really having any contact with anyone.

Sorry for the negativity to anyone who actually takes the time to read my random thoughts. But I just had to get this out of my system, and putting it on my blog will make it so much easier and more organized to find when I have time to actually sit down and write in my journal sometime when my sister isn't asleep and I can have my light on.

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  1. Hey, Kira! Things will definitely look up. I have my days where I wonder if anything I do gets appreciated or makes a difference.

    IT DOES. :) And I know that you worked super hard on your mission. Those people know that you love them. That counts for a heck of a lot.