Monday, December 6, 2010

Transfer & Baptism News

Well, my family and friends, Another transfer has absolutely flown by. 6 VERY short weeks from today, I will be writing ya'll about my last week in the mission field. I can't believe how fast the time I have spent as a missionary has flown by.

Monday: It was p-day. We played volleyball... I probably shouldn't have because I really didn't feel good... but we'd been pestering the Elders all transfer to play with us so I did anyway. And my team dominated all 3 games that we played. I did go home and take a nap afterward. And Delia Lincoln took us to dinner. I actually ate, which was a nice thing because I hadn't really eaten anything since breakfast on Saturday.

Tuesday: We had a great lesson with Lucy. We did lots of walking to save miles... not that we needed to, but we knew the Elders would run out of miles and would need more. Celali had her baptismal interview that night.

Wednesday: We contacted former investigators and went tracting. While we were out, we got a phone call from the Martinez'--who had been the housing inspectors in the old NMAM. They finished their mission and I thought I'd never see them again. So that made me happy. I'd gotten a book of missionary stories from mom, and as it was December 1st, we read the first story. It made me cry like a baby. And last but not least, WELCOME HOME WHITNEY! Although... I'm not exactly home to welcome you yet. But I hope you're enjoying your time with your family.

Thursday: We had district meeting, and took district pictures as 3 elders are dying. We also had the Zone Leaders at District Meeting, so they were in the picture too. We did service for the Browns again, and put up their Christmas tree. That night, I walked upstairs to hear the phone signaling that we had a message. I listened to it, and it was from President Miller for me, asking me to call him back. That way made me freak out! But it wasn't anything big... he just asked me to take charge of the talent show for the Christmas Zone Conference along with the other dying sister, which will be December 22.

Friday: We had apartment inspections. It was so fun to see the Martinez' again! Our inspection was at 8:00, and they called at 7:40 saying they were outside. I'd just gotten out of the shower... so I really scrambled to get ready. I disfrute (sorry... can't think of that word in English) of her knowledge of cleaning tricks. We did weekly planning... for week 1 of transfer 12. (As a Spanish Sister, I only have 12. That was weird.) We had a marathon lesson with Celali to finish teaching everything that she needed before baptism. And I played the piano for a baptism that the Elders had. What are they going to do without me?

Saturday: We spent the day tracting--it was 70 degrees! I finally got the letter from my family--it included a letter from Bear (my puppy for those who don't know). It made me smile. And we got transfer calls. The Zone Leaders called us directly instead of having the District Leader call us, because they wanted to tell us that I'm going to be a grandma. Some of you probably think that sounds really weird and awkward... but it just means that Sister Jardine is training. Sister Batchkoff and I are both staying here, and are getting Sister Newbold. And two of the other elders in our wards are being replaced by sisters as well, so we'll have 5 sisters in our wards/district. 2 elders in the ward--one of whom is Elder Evans who was in my MTC district (all the elders say that I’m going to make him SUPER trunky) and 5 elders in the district because there will be a trio in Fabens. The Elders aren't looking forward to being in a "Relief Society" district. But they'll get over it.

Celali was baptized! It was such an AMAZING baptism! The Spirit was so strong, and there was such a good turn out from the ward. which was good, because no one in her family ended up coming. What a great blessing it was to see her enter the waters of baptism. The bishop also wanted to confirm her right after the baptism so she didn't have to wait a whole week. Her blessing was incredible. She was promised so many wonderful blessings. She is going to be such a strong influence to her family and friends. She also told us yesterday that she is thinking about applying to BYU--which I think would be an amazing way for her to strengthen her testimony even more. It was weird to listen to Elders Pearson and Hatch give their departing testimonies in the wards. And I realized that it will be ME next month. I only have one more fast Sunday as a missionary. I can't believe that.

Overall, it was a good week. It was a good transfer. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. But what a blessing it has been. I am excited to finish my mission here in Horizon. This has been a wonderful area, and I am excited to be with Sisters Newbold and Batchkoff. It will be a great transfer!

And yes, mom, I have felt completely fine since Tuesday. I still can't open my mouth 100% like I could before, but it's fine. It hurts if I try to open it more than it wants to, or if I try to bite something tough. It doesn't pop and it hasn't locked up again. It would be best to at least wait until I get home with our regular dentist if you want to have it checked out. I did get the journal--Thanks! I decided it's a good thing you sent it, because I've been a woman of many words the past few nights.

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas season!

I love you all!

Hermana Good

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