Monday, April 18, 2011

Back in the 'Burg!

Wahoo! I'm back in Rexburg! And boy does it feel good to be back! I'd forgotten how much fun it is up here...and I've only been here for 4 days. Friday I got up and moved back. I got my stuff unpacked and organized. I got my textbooks. Mom and dad took us to lunch. And we were on our own. It felt good to just bum around. Saturday I had to work, but when I got back, well I guess I just chilled some more. Kesha and I watched Harry Potter 6, and we were going to watch 7 but I was falling asleep. Sunday was good. It felt good to be back in a ward up here again. Well, it was 3 wards combined because there weren't enough people up here to have each ward meet separately. I saw one of the Elders I came home with, so that was pretty cool. They'd called and asked me to teach Relief Society. There was lots of participation, which always makes things better. In the evening we went to meet some of the people in our ward, the girls in our Relief Society (minus the local girls because we don't know where they live) and some of the guys. It'll be a good semester. Today I went to work. We had a ward FHE tonight and got our FHE families. 2 of our brothers were my brothers before the mission, one in my first semester and the other in my 3rd. That will be fun. It will also be fun to get to know new people. I'm excited to start my classes tomorrow. It will be good. I'm ready to start learning again. My brain may not be...but I'll break it in fast enough. It will be good to start getting into things again. And I'm excited for my classes. They'll be really great. It will be fun to meet new people. My roommates are a hoot and a half! We're gonna have an amazing semester. It's definitely going to be one of those semesters when I'll need to do all of my homework in the library so I can play. Not to mention I really doubt I'll be able to focus here at home. But that will make things great! I'm excited!

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  1. Oo exciting! how funny, I was just reading a friend's blog, that she just moved in and has only been 4 days.... and ya, just funny how a lot of peoples schedules are just about the same. Starting a new semester is soo refreshing! good luck! I have about 2 weeks left, then I start class on may 16th... :P Just math! I'm trying to get that one outta the way... anyways :) sounds like your doing good! Love your posts!