Monday, January 31, 2011


Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that I'm home. And I love being here. I love spending time with my family. I love being able to run to the store by myself (no, I don't freak out to be alone any more). I'm getting used to "normal" music. I've been dancing. I've started my job. And I'm not quite as weird as I was when I got here either. Overall, I'm adjusting quite well to life after the mission.

But today at work, I really got homesick for the mission. While working at Deseret Book (yeah, it's a pretty good job for easing back into life... wearing "missionary" clothes, listening to church music all day) today, the missionaries were all in the store for their p-day. I saw Sister Missionaries. I saw Spanish-speaking Elders. And I talked to all of them. And it made me miss the mission SO bad! Just 2 weeks ago I was still on the mission. It was my p-day. Has it really only been 2 weeks? The past 2 weeks have been so full of... stuff... that they have absolutely flown by, and yet it seems like an eternity since I was a missionary. Man... this sure is a weird time-warp that I'm in.

As for my life, I have gone dancing. That was a little weird. I saw several friends I knew before the mission... a lot more than I thought I'd see. One of them who had been my co-teacher in Gospel Doctrine the semester before I left totally attacked me with a hug when he saw me, and then jumped back apologizing when he found out I'd only been home for a week. It was pretty amusing.I started work at the Distribution Center inside Deseret Book. I'm going to LOVE it! It's a lot of fun. I've been to the homecoming and farewell of two people in my ward. I've got a calling already, as the FHE coordinator in my YSA branch. I went to FHE tonight. There were a lot of people there I knew. It was fun.

So yeah, I'm just keeping on keeping on. And loving life. Things are going well. And I really do think that the more time that passes the more used to things I'll get.


  1. I'm sure things will get better.

  2. You're doing great! I think most changes we make in life are bittersweet. Which is a good thing. It means we love what we've done but also look forward to what's ahead.

  3. Woo are graduating into the real world. You will be great. You will still be a missionary. Your live is going at full speed and so full of promise, adventures, thrills, and good stuff. You are amazing! You will still find moments to share the gospel. You were only released from serving in NM not from missionary work.

  4. I LOVE the sister missionaries! I got to go teaching with them today! That helped a lot!