Monday, November 15, 2010

Horizon City, Texas, Transfer 11, Week 3

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, I have to rub this in... you're all getting snow and our temperatures are still in the mid 60s to 70s. But that just means that when I get home here in 2 months y'all will be just fine and I'll be freezing my little backside off. So I guess I shouldn't rub it in too much, because you'll be rubbing it back in my face very soon. And good news for all of you who got bored with last week's long letter: This week wasn't near as exciting, so this will be much shorter.

Monday: It was p-day. It was spent walking around target while the oil in our truck was being changed at the Pep Boys across the street. I also got a bunch of stuff boxed up to send home because I found someone heading north. There was a lot of stuff I figured I could live without for 10 weeks. Better to live without than pay overweight charges on my luggage.

Tuesday: There was a boxer dog hanging around the golf course while we were doing our exercise who wanted to play with us. We didn't want to play with him. It was really windy, so my allergies were really bad (and it's the same way today). We had our first coordination meeting with our new ward mission leader in the Spanish ward. He's going to do a great job!

Wednesday: I made a call to the mission office with a question for Sister Clifford, who told me that she was working on January travel arrangements this week and cried when she saw my name on the list of missionaries leaving. And it made me cry too, because that made me realize how little time I really do have left. And then that night, I got a letter from dad with the topic for my homecoming talk. I kind of just sat there in shock when I got that... I realized that I really am almost done. But it's all good. I've got several good ideas running around in my head (but could I ask for my first journal to be sent back to me so I can get my stories straight? Just whenever is convenient in a bubble-mailer. Thanks!) We did some service that afternoon for a sister who broke her tail-bone. We went to clean her house, but she told us that she had a ton of bananas that needed to be made into bread, so we made a quadruple batch of banana bread. And we spent the evening following the Ysleta Elders around because they had an appointment with the family we ate dinner with right before our dinner, and we stopped by to see the YW President and they had an appointment there too and got there right after we got there. Oops. Maybe we should stay on our own turf? Nah.

Thursday: We had district meeting. And we did service for another sister in our ward helping her clean her house. We had time to go tracting in the afternoon, and made a few good contacts. And we had a Roster Review for the Socorro Ward.

Friday: We did weekly planning. Then all of our appointments fell through.

Saturday: It was another day of "everyone's avoiding the sisters." Yup. All of our appointments fell through again. Pero asi es la vida de una misionera. I played the piano for a baptism in the Spanish ward. Everyone's going to miss me when I go home. The sister we ate dinner with made pumpkin pie for dessert, and sent one home with us. It was yummy!

Sunday: The day was spent in church. We had a couple good appointments in the evening.

Yeah... boring week. The most exciting day was Wednesday, and that was just depressing, realizing how fast the mission has flown by. But I have caught myself, though on very rare occasions, letting a trunky comment slip out. So I guess I will be glad to get home and see all of you again. Okay, no. I will be glad to see you all again. The time is passing quickly, then I'll be back in Idaho. And we'll be able to do all sorts of fun stuff. All I can say is that my sister and Rexburg friends better be ready to put on their dancing shoes, because I'm tired of hearing Latin and country music and not being able to dance!

Love ya!

Hermana Good

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