Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Horizon City, Texas, Transfer 11, Week 2

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, like I've said many a time before, el tiempo se pasa burlando! (The time is flying by). I can't believe that I'm down to 10 short weeks left. For those of you who have gotten bored reading my e-mails that's good news, but for those who enjoy them, I'm sorry. But the good news is that you'll actually be able to see my face soon, so that's good, right?

Monday: It was our p-day. And it was spent in the police station. No, I didn't get in trouble for anything. I had to go get my fingerprints taken for my student teaching and it's just a little bitty police station here in Horizon and there weren't any cops there. And we spent time running around trying to find out where to get the VIN # on our truck certified so we can get it re-registered to New Mexico from AZ. And we had some great lessons that night.

Tuesday: We had a good day. We did service... but I don't remember what we did.

Wednesday: We had an amazing day! We went and had lunch at the Gonzales' house one last time. He is the most amazing Ward Mission Leader I've had my whole mission... and they changed the ward boundaries and kicked him out of the ward. We made some really great contacts knocking doors that night. And had an amazing lesson with a family who we're helping come back to activity. And then they were all at church yesterday! It was amazing! And I got lots of letters from people I haven't heard from in a long time--some of them my whole mission. It was pretty sweet!

Thursday: I got to go to the leadership training meeting, but this time my greenie didn't get to go with me because there's two other sisters down here with greenies. So the greenies got to hang out together and knock doors while the 3 trainers went to the training. Our greenies came back super excited. We found out that there are 2 new Spanish sisters coming in next transfer. And with only 8 Spanish sisters right now--6 of which are either greenies or trainers (and 2 of us are going home after next transfer) my guess is that the 2 sisters up in Santa Fe will be training. One of the Elders who was at the training just got transferred down here from Rio Rancho, and he said that the Marquez family said to tell me hi and that they miss me. I miss them too! And that night we had a really good lesson.

Friday: We were up oober early to be able to make it to Las Cruces on time for the training. And we should have been on time, but we left my GPS with the greenies so they wouldn't get lost, because I thought I knew where we were going... but I didn't. We got super lost! My bad. The training was amazing again. At the end, they had the two elders who go home this transfer who were there share their departing testimonies. One of them was in my zone my first few transfers, and I got to know him pretty good, and the other is my current district leader. It's gonna be sad to see them leave, but then again I'm not much behind them. When we got back out to the car after the training, the car battery was dead. Thanks to our zone leaders who had jumper cables in their truck we were quickly on our way. When we got to Anthony to pick up the greenies, they were sitting on the back of the truck with their legs dangling. The 3 of us commented that it was like we were picking them up from school. We were exhausted that night, and went to a lesson with a new investigator who asked us a ton of good questions. It was good though.

Saturday: We did our weekly planning since we weren't home on Friday. And taught a few lessons. And I played the piano at the child of record baptism for the Spanish ward.

Sunday: We got an extra hour of sleep because of daylight savings! Amazing! Then we went to church. I taught Gospel Principles in the English ward... and it was super awkward. The class was on the Law of Chastity, and it was me and Sister B the 4 Elders, a 19 year old we're helping quit smoking and come back to activity, a brother who was baptized last year, and another brother who comes to the class every once in a while. Yep, that was fun. I finished Acts in my Bible reading (I started with Genesis 1 last December and it's my goal to finish it before I go home). We finished our weekly planning after church because we didn't have time on Saturday.

Rosa is still really struggling. We haven't seen her since last Tuesday, and are really worried. But we're not giving up on her. We'll keep working and helping her progress to baptism. I keep her in my prayers. We're working hard here, and things are starting to pick up here in Horizon. I love it here!

So yeah. That's my week. Hope y'all had a great one.

Love you, and see you soon!

Hermana Good

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