Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wonderful Baptism & Transfers = Tears

Well, here we are with another week and another transfer gone. I can't believe how fast time is flying by.

Monday: We had our p-day, and spent it browsing the shops in Corrales, though everything is way to expensive to think about buying anything. Sister Michel thought it was hilarious... just before we left, I saw a spider on my sweater (I don't know how it got there--I'd just pulled it out of the dryer and it had been in my closet for maybe 15 minutes) and I totally freaked out. Normally when we've seen spiders in our apartment, no matter how big, I'm fine and squash 'em. But not this time. We watched the Testaments with the Marquez family for FHE. They were very touched as they realized that they are descendants of these people it talks about in the movie.

Tuesday: We had a pretty un-eventful day. We were walking through the park on our way to our next appointment, and had a few minutes so we stopped and played on the swings and slides. I know, I know. Not very missionary-like, but it was fun. And the pictures are quite entertaining too.

Wednesday: We got a phone call from a member who has a temporary job driving trucks to see if I had anything I wanted to send home, because he had a route taking him up north. (Whoever picked up the package, muchas gracias!) I was hoping I'd be able to send it with someone to save me some money :) We went down to Albuquerque to visit a sister who is in the hospital. And we had the English class. That will probably be a big help for me with my Spanish abilities.

Thursday: We had Week 6 District Meeting. Wow. I can't believe how fast the time is flying. There was a cold wind blowing--I felt like I was back in Rexburg. We visited one of our investigators, and she taught us how to make tortillas. And we went to a Provident Living presentation with Sister Marquez for the RS activity. If you're interested to start food storage, or to change your system, check out the blog at everythingunderthesun.blogspot.com. The system she has down is incredible! I was very interested to watch it.

Friday; We planned for next transfer. How crazy is that! We made the baptismal programs for the Marquez family. We love Sister Witkowski in the Bernalilo ward who always does the programs for us and personalizes them. They turned out beautifully. And we gave the last pre-baptismal lesson to the Marquez family.

Saturday: We went and made gorditas with another investigator. Then we went to the baptism of the Marquez family. We don't know how it happened, but we had a clothing mishap. When we got the clothing, we made sure that we had the correct sizes for everyone (they were at the church for the English class) and put them all together. But when we got to the church, we had 2 child sizes and 1 adult size. We were freaking out wondering what we were going to do when sister Cabello looked down at her clothes and realized that she was wearing a white skirt and blouse, and I had on a white undershirt, so the missionaries saved their baptism by letting Sister Marquez wear their clothes. Sister Cabello wore Sister Marquez' dress during the baptism, and her wet skirt home. That night we got home and received transfer news. There were lots of tears shed. Sister Michel and i cried as we were told that she was being transferred to Cortez with Sister Trunnell, and Sister Shade is coming here (we've got to go get her in like an hour from the mission office).

Sunday: Sister Michel started her goodbyes to the people she has come to love so much. It broke my heart as I watched her say goodbye to them, and I cried every time she cried. We've had almost 6 months together, and have grown so close. And in church, we both cried as they made the official announcement of the Rama Coronado to begin on February 28. It was Sister Michel's idea to start the Spanish service, and she won't be here to see the start of it, though she realizes that it is her time to go and hat there are lives she can bless up in Cortez.

And also, other exciting news that we received on Saturday morning (I wasn't going to say anything, but mom e-mailed me about it too, so I figure it's okay to say). Effective 1 July, 2010, the mission New Mexico Albuquerque will be splitting into New Mexico Albuquerque and New Mexico Farmington. So I could finish my mission in a different mission. How exciting that things are growing so fast that it is necessary to split the mission!

I love you all. Take Care.

Hermana Good

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