Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bernalillo, NM Transfer 4, Week 2

Well, here we are in another new week. I really can't believe how fast the time is flying by here in New Mexico.

Monday: We went to lunch with the Sisters who were transferred into our zone. It was fun to visit with them and do something different for our P-day. After that, we went to the church where the Elders always gather to play basketball so I could practice the song I volunteered to sing in Zone Conference. We practiced for 2 hours... and when we were done, I didn't have a voice. That was NOT a good thing, but we both knew the song and felt comfortable singing and playing it. That night, we had FHE with the Marquez family. We watched "The Way Home" about the little girl who is killed in an accident and how her family changes and are baptized so they can be with her for eternity. There was a very strong Spirit, and they said it gave them a lot of hope.

Tuesday: We had Zone Conference. There was an amazing Spirit. I love Zone Conferences. There we were told that we had 517 baptisms in 2009--a 60% increase over 2008, and a record for the mission. And we were told that the goal for 2010 is to have 736, another 60% increase over 2009. This is such a wonderful time to be a missionary, and to be here in this mission. I can't wait to be here all year to have a part in helping so many of my brothers and sisters come to have a testimony of their Savior. The song went well... sort of. Everyone told me it was beautiful, and President told me that I sounded like an angel. But it could have been better. They had me sing it right after lunch--which was a double-whammie. I was warmed up in the morning then sat through the conference and didn't talk, and it is harder for me to sing after I eat--especially high notes. I felt like I was flat the whole song, and especially on the high notes. It certainly didn't help that the song was at the tippy-top of my range anyway. But I did it. After the conference, we had our interviews with President, which I always love and helps me to feel uplifted. We also popped in to the Marquez' that night to take them a video they'd asked us for. Well, our pop-in turned into an hour and a half full of questions from Elva. She told us that she feels very comfortable with us and loves the changes that she is seeing in her family since we've been visiting them.

Wednesday: It was Sister Michel's birthday. We had a member with us for our appointments... but every single one of them canceled on us. So she took us to KFC for lunch :)

Thursday:We had District Meeting. We had a great discussion about the Armor of God, which we also talked about in Zone Conference (see D&C 27:15-18). We got there at the same time as the River's Edge Elders, and when they saw us pull into the parking lot, they took off running into the church. We just thought they were being weird Elders like they usually are, but after District Meeting, they got into one of the cupboards in the RS room and pulled out a birthday cake for Sister Michel. So really they were running to keep us from seeing the cake. The Elders I've worked with here really are very thoughtful... with the exception of the 22 trick candles they put on the cake.

Friday: We had our daily planning. And a lesson with the Marquez family. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. The Spirit was so strong! One of their daughters had a couple friends killed in a car accident the weekend before, and Elva's dad has passed away. They commented after that this really gave them a lot of hope for what is to come, and that they realize that they need to be baptized in order to be able to see these people again. This family is so amazing! We absolutely love them!

Saturday: We had lots of interesting lessons... though I don't remember why I took that note that we had interesting lessons. The weather was beautiful!

Sunday: We spent the morning knocking doors. All I had on was my jacket, and I was fine. I was thinking about how it was Grandpa Thompson's birthday ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY ) and how it is always so cold, and it really wasn't.

So yeah. That's my week in a nutshell. It was a great week, and this week is starting out just as great. Yesterday was a great p-day, though you're going to have to wait until next week to find out what we did :) Have a fabulous week!

Hermana Good

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